Day 1 of the 2008 NFL Draft is in the books and Day 2 is hitting full stride.  Give us your thoughts on Day 1 and let’s start a lively discussion RE: Day 2.


Initial thoughts on Day 1…


The Kansas City Chiefs are by far the best draft so far.  All three of their first picks will likely start, and Flowers in the 2 nd Round was a steel.


The Denver Broncos were 31 st against the run last year.  They address this by drafting offense 1 & 2.  Ryan Clady was a great pick butt going WR in the 2 nd was incomprehensible.


Did the Jacksonville Jaguars reach too far to get Derrick Harvey?


The New England Patriots did well getting Jerod Mayo.


Why did the Carolina Panthers pick Jonathan Stewart so high and ignore their glaring OL & DL weaknesses?


Is it just me or has Mel Kiper’s hair lost its luster?


Had Felix Jones not played at Arkansas, would Jerry Jones have picked him before Rashard Mendehall?


Jordon Dizon in the 2 nd …are you serious?


The Washington Redskins get both Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly in the 2 nd …if these two live up to their advanced billing Jason Campbell will be a very happy quarterback.


Can Terrence Wheatley be the next Asante Samuel?  The Patriots sure hope so.  I was at the CU-OU game where Wheatley utterly negated a much bigger Malcolm Kelly.  T-Wheat could be really good.


Are Aaron Rodgers days numbered in Green Bay with the addition of Brian Brohm?


Let the debate/discussion begin about Day 2!!!

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