It's down to the Elite 8 in the NFL and four tasty Divisional match-ups to digest on this Friday. And away we go...

'Saturday at 4:30pm' Seattle at Green Bay (FOX)'''' It's the Matt Hasselback "we'll take the ball and we're gonna score" rematch at Lambeau Field. You would figure it would come down to who can control the time of possession. You would figure that the Packers are better equipped to do it with Ryan Grant running the ball and the gunslinger, Brett Favre dicing to Grant Jennings and the Donalds: Lee and Driver. You would figure I would be taking the Packers, right? Wrong! I'm going with Matty Ballgame and the playmakers in the Seahawks secondary. Look for another strong outing from Marcus Trufant and just enough from Shaun Alexander and Mo Morris to get the Seahawks to the NFC Championship Game next Sunday. 30-24 Seattle '

'Saturday at 8pm' Jacksonville at New England (CBS)'''' The path to perfection runs through the Jaguars. It's physical vs. finesse. Can the Patriots just throw over the top and decimate the Jags defense? Can the Jags keep the ball away from Brady and company long enough and maximize the possessions to score enough points to win? I say no and the vaunted Pats will host the AFC Championship game in Foxboro next Sunday at 3pm as Brady tosses for 2 TD's and 300 yards. 35-24 New England '

Sunday at 1pm San Diego at Indianapolis (CBS)' This one is simple. With Antonio Gates, home field advantage and 6 Peyton Manning picks with Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark, the Chargers still need an Adam Vinatieri chip-shot miss in the closing seconds to win 23-21. This time, it's indoors at the Dome with a motivated Manning and a somewhat healthy Harrison and Clark and the Chargers with a banged up Gates. Colts roll! 42-14 Colts '

Sunday at 4:30pm NY Giants at Dallas (FOX)' This is my toss-up of the weekend. The Giants got swept in the regular season, but playing their best football of the year. A loss to the Pats did wonders to their confidence and they rolled with attitude using the new found running game with Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw plus a confident Eli Manning. The question is can the Cowboys get to basics with Julius Jones and Marion Barber to team with a back-on-track Tony Romo? With Terrell Owens not 100%, I'm not so sure. The Cowboys have to run it 50 times to win it. If not, they're going home. Guess what, I'm home Jessica.... NY Giants 35-31.

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