The fat lady is not far away from singing in Dallas. After predicting the impending implosion for weeks, it was realized before our very eyes in St. Louis yesterday. The one-win Rams, who pulled off the upset over Washington the week before, dismantled Dallas, and it’s back-up QB Brad Johnson, to the tune of a 34-14 “whipping.” That was how GM/President/head coach Jerry Jones described the loss. Their next two games are at home vs. Tampa and on the road vs. the Giants. There’s a very good chance that they’ll walk into the bye week with a 4-5 record. If they do, there’s a great chance Wade Phillips will find a pink slip on his desk. Offensively, even with all of the stars, the line isn’t doing its job and there’s no rhyme or reason to how they’re attacking opposing teams and defensively, aside from all-world LB DeMarcus Ware, there’s not much to speak of. Things are heading south on the Dallas Cowboys 2008 season very quickly.

The Super Bowl Giants bounced back with a 29-17 win over San Francisco. It wasn’t the best of games, but it also wasn’t as close as the final score indicated. Had a field goal attempt not been blocked in the 3rd quarter, it would’ve been 27-10 and game over. Instead, it was returned for a TD to make the score 24-17. Giants’ fans can thank J.T. O’Sullivan for providing another 3 turnover game; the last, a ball stripped on a sack by DE Justin Tuck, which rolled around for a while before being kicked out of the end zone by WR Morgan for a safety. The Giants’ D needed to get its swagger back before Pittsburgh this weekend and San Francisco, and its ball giving ways, helped them to do just that.

Carolina showed its mettle on Sunday. After being embarrassed the week before in Tampa, they came out and blasted the New Orleans Saints 30-7. The offense was balanced and the defense was ferocious. They kept all-world QB Drew Brees to just 200+ yards and 1 INT.

In Saints’ land, all is not well as they head over the Atlantic to face the San Diego Chargers this weekend. RB Reggie Bush is out for four-weeks with a knee injury, and TE Jeremy Shockey, known more for his mouth of late than his on-field play, verbally attacked the team after the loss saying they mishandled his injury. I’m sure that’s why he fumbled the short screen pass which resulted in a huge turnover…

In the other conference, which is becoming the lesser of the two for the 1st time in nearly a decade, all is not well in Indy and San Diego. The Colts, facing a rather mediocre defense in GB, couldn’t overcome the loss of RB Joseph Addai and seemed out of sync all day. On this day, they appeared to lack an identity on offense while its defense, playing without S Bob Sanders, couldn’t stop anything. The Packers executed a very smart game plan which was designed to keep Peyton Manning and Co. off the field and held the ball for most of the game in its 34-14 rout. Until Sanders gets back and shows he’s healthy, it’s going to be a long season for this year’s Colts.

Lastly, San Diego went up to Orchard Park and laid an egg losing 23-14 to the Bills. Not that it wasn’t to be expected (see week 6 picks on the blog where we predicted this outcome), but the effort was very lackluster. Until they get two things fixed - Tomlinson running the ball consistently and the defense finding ways to pressure the QB - it’s going to be a .500 season. Yesterday,Ladainian Tomlinson rushed 14 times for 41 yards and the defense didn’t register a single sack. How Defensive coordinator Ted Cottrel still has a job is beyond me… the 3-4 defense is predicated on pressuring the QB yet he stays back. That’s like Kobe Bryant knowing the best way for his team to win is by his shooting the ball but he insists on passing. Something needs to change very quickly in San Diego because that proverbial Super Bowl window is almost shut.


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