Look at your local sports section. Is it really a sports section or the police blotter? KTRK-TV in Houston, the ABC affiliate there, reported that Texans Jerome Mathis allegedly assaulted his common law wife (in Texas, it's known as an informal marriage). Did we learn anything from Ray Carruth? This little tiff started when Erica Smith, who is his common-law wife under Texas statutes, is six months pregnant, was struck by Mathis when he could not find his cell phone charger. Upon location of said charger, Smith contends that Mathis choked her. She refused medical treatment for the attack.

Mathis was arrested two days later. He was taken into custody without incident and was transported to the Brazoria County Jail. Mathis, who could be charged with Class A misdemeanor for assault, resulting in a one-year jail term and $4000 fine or both if convicted, was drafted by the team in the 2005 NFL draft in the 4th round from Hampton. He played in the 2006 Pro Bowl, was 2006 AFC Special Teams Player of the Week (8), 2005 Associated Press First Team ' All-Pro Kick Returner, 2005 NFL Alumni Kick Returner of the Year.

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