Well have not put out power rankings until after week 6! Most great handicappers usually have there own power rankings so they can decide who is better if played on a neutral field with no other variables. Then they add in all there variables and figure out what they would place each spread. That is how the professionals find value in games. For example Craig had Alabama right behind Georgia in power rankings before they played. So the spread was in his opinion high by one point. Many thougt Georgia was much better on the field. You have to break down each team and see where they fall in the top 30. Craig will update his power rankings every couple weeks, enjoy!

1. Oklahoma- What can be said no one has given them a game yet

2. Missouri- They jumped up one spot with an impressive beat down of NEB

3. Alabama- Might be the best team when its all said and done great defense

4. LSU- Offense is much better than thought **Heart of a CHAMPION**

5. Penn St- TOO good to be true?? Think not what a high power offense

6. Texas- Will be tested against OKL this week

7. USC- Don't count them out just yet! Must rely on others to lose though

8. Ohio St- Freshman QB will have to grow up quick, defense still tough

9. Georgia- Interested to see how they bounce back after loss to ALA

10. Texas Tech- Undefeated but still have not played anyone, high octane Offense!

Can't give you my full list or you will have all my secrets. Enjoy will keep you updated every couple weeks! Come to to get your free sports picks!


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