So far, this year's NCAA Tournament has looked pretty good. There have been a few suprises so far but for the most part, the teams that were favored to win have done so. Duke surviving a late Belmont scare was one great game. Then you have the Cinderella stories, Georgia needing to win three SEC Championship games just to reach above the .500 mark before winning the league's title, only to fall to Xavier. That story in of itself would make a great screenplay.

Then you have the blowouts... UCLA taking apart Mississippi Valley State like a cheap Swiss watch, holding the Delta Devils to the lowest total points scored in an NCAA tournament since 1946, Kansas State beating up Southern California in the battle of two potential first-round NBA draft picks in O.J. Mayo and Micheal Beasley. Beasley had 23 points and 11 rebounds for the Wildcats, while Mayo finished with 20 points.

So far, the mascots behaved themselves. There's a lot more basketball to play between now and San Antonio but it's not too shabby. There may still be talk about expanding the bracket to 128, which if they do it right, I will gladly be in favor of it. The NIT and CBI are going on right now too. But it's the big dance's turn to stand in the spotlight.

And deservedly so.  

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