Night Games:

After today's exciting afternoon games, I am expecting BIG things for tonight. First game is between the number 1 overall UNC Tar Heels, and the play-in team, Mount St. Mary's. Here is who I think will win tonight, and also what thinks about the matchups.

7:10 ET

16 Mount St. Mary's

1 North Carolina

Who Will Win: The Tar Heels, in my opinion, are the best team in the tournament, and are my pick to win it all. So, why would I think the play-in team would be able to beat them???

What WIS thinks: North Carolina 91, Mount St. Mary's 60

11 Saint Joseph's

6 Oklahoma

Who Will Win: OU is not a very scary team, but I believe they have enough power to outplay St. Joe's for 40 minutes, only to lose to the Louisville Cardinals in round number two.

What WIS thinks: St. Joe's 69, Oklahoma 60

7:20 ET

13 Siena

4 Vanderbilt

Who will win: Well, I'm gonna go with Vandy, considering I haven't heard of, nor know much about this Siena team you speak of. Vandy is just a stronger team, but won't get past the second round, I don't think.

What WIS thinks: Siena 79, Vandy 60- Looks like WIS likes upsets, already the second upset they've picked.

7:25 ET

9 Oregon

8 Mississippi State

Who Will Win: I think I will go with the Oregon Ducks on this one, and favor the minor upset.

What WIS thinks: Oregon 78, Mississippi State 76

9:40 ET

9 Arkansas

8 Indiana

Who Will Win: This game is the most intriguing 8/9 matchup, in my opinion. I am eager to see how well Freshmen SG Eric Gordon plays, and am very excited to watch this game. I believe the Hoosiers will pull this off, and avoid the minor upset.

What WIS thinks: Indiana 69, Arkansas 66


14 Boise State

3 Louisville Cardinals

Who Will Win: This year's Louisville Cardinal team is pretty strong, and many experts even have them in the Elite 8, and Final 4. I don't believe this Boise State team has much of a chance against the Cards. Sorry Boise State fans.

What WIS thinks: Louisville 72, Boise State 69

9:50 ET

12 Villanova

5 Clemson

Who Will Win: This game will be very close, but I liked what I saw from the Clemson Tigers during the ACC tournament. Clemson will win this game.

What WIS thinks: Clemson 94, Villanova 76

9:55 ET

1 Texas-Arlington

16 Memphis

Who Will Win: The final game of round number 1 will be easily won by the 30-1 Memphis Tigers, especially considering that number 16 seeds have gone 0-92 against number 1 seeds (coming into this year's Tourney).

What WIS thinks: Texas-Arlington 76, Memphis 74- Oh my goodness!!! According to WIS, Texas-Arlington will become the first-ever number 16 seed to defeat the 1 seed. If this ends up happening, I would be extremely surprised, like every other College Basketball fan in the world.

Again, enjoy tonight's games!!!

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