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Afternoon Games:

Today, the second day of the NCAA Tournament will kick off with a 12:15 matchup between the American University Eagles, and the Tennessee Volunteers. Here is a preview of today's games, and I even added a simulation from to entertain you.

12:15 PM ET

15 American University

2 Tennessee

Who will win: The number 2 seed Volunteers will win, but I think it will be alot closer than everyone thinks. American University's head coach has done well in preparing his team, but Tennessee will win by 10+ points.

What WIS thinks: Tennessee 76, American 66

12:25 PM ET

10 Davidson

7 Gonzaga

Who Will Win: Davidson will pull off the upset. Davidson has quite a long win streak going (19 games), and are on fire, I don't believe a seven seed can stop Davidson.

What WIS thinks: Davidson 90, Gonzaga 83

12:30 PM ET

10 St. Mary's

7 Miami (FL)

Who Will Win: I will go against the upset this time, I liked what I saw from Miami, despite a 13-point loss to UNC in the ACC Tournament. Miami moves on, for now.

What WIS thinks: St. Mary's 74, Miami 58


12 Western Kentucky

5 Drake

Who Will Win: I think this is quite obvious. Drake surprised everyone, and had a fantastic regular season, I think Drake wins this game over the 12th seed by 10+ points, and moves on to play in the next round.

What WIS thinks: Drake 92, W Kentucky 63

2:45 PM ET

10 South Alabama

7 Butler

Who Will Win: I have the 7th seeded Butler Bulldogs coming away with the win in this game. Easily defeating the S Alabama Jags.

What WIS thinks: Butler 69, S Alabama 58

2:55 PM ET


2 Georgetown

Who Will Win: Unfortunately for UMBC, their first ever Tourney appearance had to come against Roy Hibbert, and the G'Town Hoyas. This game won't be close, Georgetown has a hell of alot more experience in the Tournament.

What WIS thinks: G'Town 81, UMBC 74


15 Austin Peay

2 Texas

Who Will Win: Texas has an all-around great team, and will easily out-shoot the inexperienced Austin P.

What WIS thinks: Texas 84, Austin P 68

13 San Diego


Who Will Win: Uconn has alot of experienced players, and are an overall better team than SD, obviously. Sorry SD, no upset here.

What WIS thinks: San Diego 77, Uconn 64- Oh No!!! I sure hope WIS is wrong, this may be the upset of the day.

Enjoy today's games!! I will post the night games later on.

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