It goes without saying that before Matt Millen took the Detroit Lions gig he was a pretty damn good booth analyst for Fox…I don’t think anybody would argue that. It also goes without saying that as General Manager and President of the Lions, Millen failed, and failed miserably. It can be said that Double M could/will be, or is the worst in league history at those gigs. Having his name attached to a 0-16 is just the tip of the iceberg on that. Throughout his tenure at destroying the Lions franchise, he made mistaken after mistake after mistake…And yet, indescribably in spite of all his errors he still managed to keep his position in the front office.

When Millen finally got the boot and shown the door, all of us were in shock…Resembling the shocked looks on all of our faces watching the Super Bowl this past Sunday on NBC. The same network that employs Millen again at what he does best, being a network analyst. Although here’s when I have a major issue, before his stint with Fox, he was new to the analyst game…Solely relying on his playing experience to aid in his analysis. And it worked…Thus we all felt that Millen was to succeed with the Lions. Although seeing him returning to network television for NBC’s coverage of the playoffs and Super Bowl has me sitting there like I just resembled head butting a horse …With that dazed and confused look. Knowing that this cat will go down as one of the worst, if not the worst ever to hold the positions the he held! Why employ him again as an analyst? Okay, I get that he was good at it for one time…Yeah, and so were the Lions too!

NBC has compiled a respectable team for their broadcast…A team that viewers can respect their opinions or respectfully disagree with their opinions. This isn’t the case with Double M, but rather making a mockery of their football knowledge…In this case, can we actually take what he spits on camera with any type of merit? Knowing full well his name will forever be attached to the Detroit Lions and how big of a failure he was. Sitting in front of cameras suggesting what this team needs to do, or what’s wrong with this team…This is on the same level as having Lawerence Taylor holding a drug convention. Telling everybody don’t do drugs. Or having Rae Carruth hold a "Don’t hire a hitman to kill your wife" seminar…With Dave Bliss right down the hall holding his own suggesting that "Basketball coaches need not to try and cover up murders of their players". All are laughable and hold no credibility! And make no bones about it, Millen’s in the same category.

And to make sure nobody forgets about just how big of a loser Matt really is around the Detroit area the hardworking of that city and that perception isn’t ever lost while this guy who’s responsible for setting the Lions back 40 years was on set discussing Kurt Warner's many attributes, the NBC affiliate the Motor City was busy making sure Double-M’s previous work didn’t go un-noticed…

[1] See, what happens when peeps get bored in the control room on Super Sunday…Crawlers such as this magically appear… "Matt Millen was president of the Lions for the worst eight-year run in the history of the NFL. Knowing his history with the team, is there a credibility issue as he now serves as an analyst for NBC Sports? ..." How awesome is that? Now of course this didn’t go over too well, but that’s exactly my point. All the whinos who reside in nursing homes know more about football than this shithead! There isn’t anybody that can say this shit-for-brains, dumbass has even an ounce of credibility left to his name! Hell, before getting face time on NBC he was getting shredded by Dan Patrick, Chris Collinsworth, Bob Costas and company…The same people that incidentally he works with now. All thought the same opinion as the crawler pointed out. And to sit there on Super Sunday discussing "Kurt Warner’s many attributes" knowing full well this is the same guy drafted both Charles Rogers and Mike Wiilliams, well it’s just down right ridiculous to think this guy is back on network boobision analyzing football! And NBC’s just as ridiculous for giving him a platform in which he can do it on! Their telecasts need to come up with some kind of, "Matt Millen Warnings!" "Warning! Matt Millen's on…Viewer discretion is SERIOUSLY advised " Super Bowl Sunday was a learning experience for all…Showing us anything is humanly possible! If the Arizona Cardinals can play in a Super Bowl…If a former drug dealer turns professional football player/Super Bowl hero in Santonio Holmes can be named Super Bowl MVP…Then, somehow, someway Double M can reemerge in front of cameras discussing professional football, which he has proven he absolutely knows nothing about, anything is possible! For more Millen rip-session, have mousey click this mouse trap

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