Monday night's playoff games were boring. The Nuggets drubbed the Hornets like North Carolina on a number sixteen seed in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. They made the Hornets look like the depleted Washinton Wizards. Its amazing the Hornets pulled out a win last Saturday only to lose by 58 points tonight. Finally Carmello erupted, going for 26 to lead 7 Nuggets finishing in double figures. You gotta feel bad for Chris Paul. He and Posey were the only players that competed with any heart and they don't deserve to be a part of this infamous and historical playoff game. Shame on David West and the neck-bearded Stojakovic.

The Lakers join the Cavs as the only two teams to advance into the second round to no one's surprise. I would say the Nuggets are the third, as Monday night's game should have counted as two wins.

The Rockets execution and depth are too much for the young Blazers team. The Blazers could have won game four Sunday night, but made critical errors throughout the game that added up to a loss in the end. Steve Blake got his pocket picked from behind by Artest with 1:20 and Pryzbila threw a saved ball back court for a turnover with :40 left down two. I hate to agree with Network blowhard Charles Barkley, but the Blazers settled for too many outside jumpers, particularly Aldridge and Outlaw.

Is it just me or does the Hawks vs. Heat series suck? This series is full of bad basketball....... Click Here for rest of column!

Just trying to get some more traffic and reader interaction at a new blog. Thanks for the people who visit, it's a quality article done by Brian Wright, an up and coming Bay Area sports writer.

The Warriors Rundown

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