We’re down to the NBA’s equivalent of the Final Four. Win or go home, as the TNT ad would say. I must say that this year’s playoffs have been entertaining and exciting. Granted, it would have been nice to see LeBron win his first NBA title. These four remaining teams have 37 NBA titles between them, so their pedigree is not in question.

Four teams that proved they belong in this year’s championship. Let’s look at the series that will decide who will represent the Eastern and Western Divisions of the Association.

Eastern Division

Boston vs. Detroit - As long as the Celtics are at home, they can’t be stopped. It’s when they leave Boston, the chowder and the Big Dig that get them into trouble. In this year’s playoffs, they are not a very good road team; in fact, they are horrid. Ask Atlanta and Cleveland. Granted, they did go 35-6 away from home in the regular season. Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen are a force to be reckoned with and Detroit will have to bring their best game in this series.

Detroit is somewhat rested after their win over Orlando and are actually looking forward to playing in the next round. They did it without Chauncey Billups, who they hope will be back in time for this series. There is one more variable for the Pistons. They have been able to win on the road, unlike the boys in green. While they Celtics are good, their road woes worry me. I am going to take the Pistons in 6, although Boston will throw everything they can at them.

Western Division

San Antonio vs. Los Angeles Lakers - Another series where one team is rested and another has been taken to a seventh game. The Lakers have been playing like a team possessed with something to prove. Kobe Bryant has lived up to his MVP status and could be a force in this series. The Lakers are well rested after taking down a tough Utah team. San Antonio was in survival mode against New Orleans and managed to come away with a chance to defend their title. The Spurs are a far more worthy opponent than New Orleans. They needed to win the series against the Hornets to prove to themselves and the basketball world that they can be survivors.

The Lakers will look to be the ones to knock off the chance and send San Antonio home early. I will say this before I say who will win this series. It will go seven. It will be one of the more entertaining series in this year’s playoffs. I like “ Desperate Housewives,” so I am going with Mr. Eva Longoria and pick San Antonio.


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