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To start I need to explain my mock draft a little.

This is in no way meant to be a prediction of what the actual GM’s will do. They have their favorites, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree it’s the best choice. So, I give you what I think each team should do.

I believe in leaning towards need over talent. In some cases this would lead the Atlanta Hawks to choose Mike Conley over Al Horford, but in general, I think you need to take a player who fits your system and who fits your needs. People will also bring up Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan, but I would argue that when your only other talented player is a SF, taking a SG is filling a need as well, so I’d like to believe I draft Jordan in that situation. In general, that will ensure the Hawks aren’t looking for their PG of the future for the past 10 years and the Bulls a low post presence for the past 20.

I also don’t favor any one position over another unless it matters for your specific team. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Shaquille O'Neal, Tim Duncan, and Magic Johnson have all been the crucial components to multiple championship teams in the past and all play vastly different styles and positions.

1) Chicago Bulls - Michael Beasley

They already have Kirk Hinrich at PG, and have been looking for low post scoring for at least 2 decades. If they can trade Hinrich for value, they can consider Rose, but moving Drew Gooden and Tyrus Thomas will be muuuuuch easier. I’ve heard knocks on Beasley that he’s not necessarily a low post scorer, but let's not confuse his ability to do other things well with a lack of post scoring. After having one of the best freshman seasons EVER in college, he will be a dominant force down low for the Bulls and is the perfect fit.

2) Miami Heat - Derrick Rose

I’m putting Rose here because he’s too talented to fall past the two spot, but if I’m Miami, I’m seriously looking to trade down at least one spot and take O.J. Mayo or someone else. As Chard Ford has pointed out in his mock drafts, with Rose and Dwyane Wade in the backcourt, they’d have one of the worst shooting backcourts in the league, allowing defenses to sag off them and play their drives. However, Rose would look damn good running the break with Wade and Shawn Marion.

3) Minnesota Timberwolves - Anthony Randolph

I doubt they’d have the balls to take Randolph here, but to me, he’s [by far] the best fit. He’s extremely talented with a skill set that’s been compared to Chris Bosh, but most importantly, from what I can tell, he can defend. He averaged 2.3 blocks a year, and with Al Jefferson being an extremely talented offensive player and equally disinterested defender, they need to pair someone like Randolph with him.

4) Seattle Supersonics - Brook Lopez

With no real inside presence to write of offensively or defensively, I like Lopez here. Seattle does need a PG, so Jerryd Bayless is an option, but I’d be looking at a Mario Chalmers or Ty Lawson with their second first round pick rather then using the first pick on Bayless.

5) Memphis Grizzlies - Eric Gordon

I like Mike Conley at point, Rudy Gay at SF, and Hakim Warrick at PF. However, the Grizzlies could use a SG or C. Gordon is [by far] the best talent at either position available. Mayo is definitely an option if available as Anthony Randolph would be, but I have Randolph off the board and I’m not sure Mayo is big or strong enough for 2-guard in the NBA.

6) New York Knicks - Jerryd Bayless

While Mayo is probably too talented to pass up here, I have my doubts about his ability to run an offense. And with Mike D’Antoni, you need a strong PG.

7) Los Angeles Clippers - O.J. Mayo

The Clippers run up to the podium and rejoice that LA’s own O.J. Mayo falls to them. The Clips need a PG, and whether Mayo is the prototypical pg or not, he will fit in with them just fine.

8) Milwaukee Bucks - Russell Westbrook

With Mo Williams being more of a scoring PG, I’d like to pair him with another combo guard who can defend. The Bucks have competent players at every position, but not necessarily any stars anywhere, so I take the best player available, but I think Westbrook is the best fit.

9) Charlotte Bobcats - Kevin Love

If I was in Charlotte' position right now, I'd probably look at Darrell Arthur, Marreese Speights, or DeAndre Jordan, as they all have much higher upsides. However, knowing Jordan's hard on for guys that produce in college as well as Larry Brown's complete lack of patience in developing young guys I take Kevin Love. At least Love will get some playing time and contribute.

10) New Jersey Nets - Marreese Speights

With Harris, Carter and Jefferson the nets are set 1-3, they have Williams and boone to provide a defensive presence so the nets need to look at the best scoring low post option. After averaging 14.5 pts on 62% shooting and 8 boards per game in the SEC last year I think he’s their guy. In comparison to other choices Darrell Arthur’s numbers were 12.8, 54%, 6.3 and DeAndre Jordan’s were … 8, 61% and 6.

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