In the next few days I will put my gynecologist’s gloves on and examine each team in the NBA, see what moves they did and didn’t make.  The Draft, free agency, and trades have changed the look of many of these teams like Janice Dickenson.  Plus, it’s been awhile since I’ve talked hoops on here right?  I’m going by alphabetical order on this one, not how I’m predicting finishes in April of 2009, on the end of July.  New acquisitions in bold and rookies in italics.  (6 segments for each division)  


Boston Celtics



Rajon Rondo

Ray Allen

Paul Pierce

Kevin Garnett

Kendrick Perkins



Eddie House

Leon Powe

Glen “Big Baby” Davis

Tony Allen

Brian Scalabrine

Gabe Pruitt

J.R. Giddens

Bill Walker

Patrick O’Bryant


Out of town:

James Posey

P.J. Brown

Sam Cassell


The defending champions will have their entire starting 5 back for a shot at back-to-back titles, that’s the good news.  Check out that bench…  James Posey is going to be a big loss for this team; they don’t win it all last year without him.  I’d be surprised if Danny Ainge was done molding this team.  The only off season moves they’ve made so far was re-signing House and T.Allen, picking up O’Bryant, and drafting Giddens, Walker, and Semih Erden.  Love the starters, but concerned about the 2 nd unit.  Of course, everyone was worried about the bench last year too…


New Jersey Nets



Devin Harris

Vince Carter

Bobby Simmons

Yi Jianlian

Josh Boone



Jarvis Hayes

Sean Williams

Keyon Dooling

Brook Lopez

Ryan Anderson

Chris Douglass-Roberts

Maurice Ager

Trenton Hassell


Out of town:

Richard Jefferson

Nenad Krstic

Bostjan Nachbar

Marcus Williams


The Nets are clearly waiting out LeBron James’ contract.  This team is going to struggle.  I did like what they did with their 3 draft picks; I think all of them could play.  Yi is terrible.  I don’t know if those 5 will start, but whatever, it’s going to be no fun to watch this team Jay-Z.  NJ Nets are officially 1 of his 99 problems. 


New York Knicks



Stephon Marbury

Jamal Crawford

Quentin Richardson

Zach Randolph

Eddy Curry



David Lee

Chris Duhon ''

Danilo Gallinari

Nate Robertson

Mardy Collins

Wilson Chandler

Anthony Roberson


Out of town:

Renaldo Balkman


Biggest acquisition for the Knicks is clearly Mike D’Antoni.  Can he turn it around?  We’ll see.  Not this year, not with this group.  I may be one of the few out there that thinks Marbury can still play, but you just never know with him.  Randolph and Curry in the up and down system?  Good luck with all that…


Philadelphia 76ers



Andre Miller

Willie Green

Andre Iguodala*

Elton Brand

Samuel Dalembert



Thaddeus Young

Louis Williams*

Kareem Rush

Marreese Speights

Jason Smith

Reggie Evans


Out of town:

Rodney Carney

Calvin Booth


The 6ers made a big splash with the signing of Elton Brand.  Whether he stabbed the Clippers in the back or not, the big man from Duke is coming to the Eastern Conference.  Iguodala is still a restricted free agent, and is a must sign for Philly is they want to be dangerous in the East.  The Warriors and Clippers have spent a lot of money so I would be surprised if any team swoops in and grabs the new A.I.  Should be an exciting year in the city of brotherly love.


Toronto Raptors



Jose Calderon

Anthony Parker

Jamario Moon

Chris Bosh

Jermaine O’Neal



Andrea Bargnani

Jason Kapono

Kris Humphries

Joey Graham

Hassan Adams


Out of town:

T.J. Ford

Carlos Delfino

Rasho Nesterovic

Maceo Baston


Big question here obviously is if O’Neal can stay healthy.  He and Bosh could combine to be one of the best 4-5 combos in all the NBA.  Calderon is an upgrade over Ford, but also losing Delfino weakens their bench severely.  They will be one of the most intriguing teams in the East; don’t be surprised if they add a couple more pieces to the puzzle.   


Next: Central Division


-Rich Keefe


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