By: Jeff Girouard

Draft night! A night where opinion separates the good players from the great players…and the good players from Nickoloz Tskitishvili.

A four hour slugfest of awful segues and recycled cliches.

The following recaps just some of the nonsense I found on the interweb… (This collection is by no means exhaustive, so feel free to share, add, edit)


sportsguy33 : DaJuan Blair to the Spurs at 37? How does shit like this happen? You're damned right I just swore. Unbelievable.

One of only 3 tweets from BS on the night…but seriously how does shit like this happen??

latimeslakers : Stu Scott asks Rod Thorn why they let go "one of the most electrifying players in the league?" Dude in the crowd: Because he sucks!

This is why I love the draft. The most entertaining personalities in the theatre at MSG had to pay to attend. Can’t ESPN get KIA to sponsor a special segment featuring the Stephen A. Smith hecklers.

Phoenix Suns

RealSkipBayless : Man, it has come to this for once mighty Phoenix: Earl Clark. Steve Kerr made a mess of a very good team.

From the best record in the West (34-14)16 months ago (just prior to the Shaq trade), Phoenix now appears to be hell bent on disenchanting Steve Nash and putting together an All-Star line-up of less talented brothers (what’s Harvey Grant doing these days?).

Ricky Rubio

hoopshype : From Rubio's father: "Right now, Ricky is likely staying in Europe one or two years."

If this turns out to be so, and the 6 point whatever million dollars can’t be “conveyed” to Club Joventut Badalona, then maybe taking Jonny Flynn wasn’t so questionable.

RealSkipBayless : If Ricky Rubio can't cut it in NBA, he can join Jonas Brothers.


RealSkipBayless : Shaq says "I've always been a team player." Somwhere Kobe is laughing out loud.

All misspellings aside, the DH was my favorite tweeter of the evening. 

Oh, and the award for the absolute dumbest question on a night littered with ridiculous hypotheticals… Lisa Salters for her pondering as to how Shaq would deal with the possibility of coming off the bench. The fact that he didn’t immediately hang up and instead sounded humbly sober in his response, speaks volumes.

He plays and he starts… or Mike Brown hates himself. In either case I can’t imagine this thing ending with a title.

Shaq on Shaq’s longevity??

THE_REAL_SHAQ : My numbers are not good enough to retire 3 more yrs left

It remains to be seen.

The most unintentionally ambiguous tweet of the night…

jadande : "Baby Boomers grew up with Michael Jackson, Gen X grew up on him."

Of course, I'm going to take this in a completely figurative/complementary sense of "on him."

RealLamarOdom : My thoughts and prayers go out to Michael Jackson and his family. He is a legend. King of Pop.


Ok…I know there are some other good ones out there. Let’s hear them.

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