So the entire country well Bulls fans, Magic fans and Boston haters all over is in an uproar over the flagrant foul that was not charged on Rajon Rondo. Of course, when a guy damn near loses a tooth it is cause for concern but its not like he took a real shot at the guy. On second thought, go find someone a foot taller or shorter than you…give them an object or you hold the object yourself and jump in the air…chances are the shorter person has no chance at reaching the object and depending on athleticism will at best reach your face...almost EXACTLY what happened there. While Rondo should’ve knew that there was no way in hell he was contesting that shot, in the clutch in the playoffs you take risks. Miller was fouled no denying that.


Miller is 1 ft taller than Rondo, simple physics can tell you Rondo couldn't get the ball if he tried (AP Photo,Winslow Townson

But Miller a seasoned playoff veteran, 85% FT shooter should’ve nailed those two free throws, he didn’t just miss he clunked it. Then he when he tried to miss he blew it again and then suddenly it goes back to oooh it should’ve been a flagrant anyway, no it should’ve been a tied game.

On a completely unrelated note, Dwight Howard simply attempted to Chris Brown Samuel Dalembert. Howard is one of my favorite players right now but at the end of the day the suspension is deserved and SPOILER ALERT it will ultimately cost them the series. So then again we go back to Rondo, and people wonder if Howard got suspended why not Rondo, oh is it because the Celtics are the most storied franchise in the NBA or is it because Rondo believed he could fly and realized he couldn’t at the expense of Brad Miller’s mouth.


C'mon Superman, you can't just go around Chris Browning people

But of course, Boston if not Titletown is Hatetown. I mean everyone hates Boston, whether its New Yorkers who are way to full of themselves, Sports cities who’s so hungry for a ship they become pirates, and of course the people who simply hate Boston because it is about as popular as Susan Boyle searches.

The Bulls SHOULD have won game 5, all Miller choke jobs aside whether it was Ben Gordon’s flop that turned into 3 FTs, the fact that they blew an 11 point lead quicker than (insert punchline here later), the Celtics still lack KG so they should be killing the interior like purple paint with brown trim.

So seriously Bulls fans and everyone else get a grip, this has been a great series, don’t belittle it with your whining and complaining and making a marriage out of the entire thing. There’s still 2 more games and while the Celtics fan in me wants this over in 6, the basketball fan in me wants another nailbiter en route to a critical game 7. Crying isn’t going to get you game 5 back…


Crying isnt going to get Game 5 Back...

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