10. John Elway- I like elway but even though he was a great scrambler, he never had a run over 20 yards. He could make things happen out of the pocket and extend plays, that gets him at 10.


  9.Doug Flutie- He was too short too not scramble so he ran around and then threw but he did that quite well so go doug

8.Michael Vick- this is my opinion so I am just an honest guy. I thought he should have a spot on here but I HATE HIM so here you go vick.

7.Brett Favre- He was awesome and the absolute best at extending plays and running out of the pocket to get a receiver open so he deserves a spot.


6.Bobby Douglas- Saw a video about him on and he was a pretty good so he gets this spot.

5. Rodger "the dodger" Staubach- He was awesome and ran all over the place no doubt he gets this spot

4. Steve McNair- He had no fear and would go up against anybody. It didn't matter to him and his final drive in the super bowl was the best of all time.

3.Randall Cunningham-He was the most agile player since Tony Dorsett and was just a hair short of becoming the first QB to 1000.

2.Steve Young- Great QB strong arm, legs, and a smart brain (until it got knocked out of him by every linebacker he ever went up against) and of course he had no fear.

1.bum bum bum bum de bum bum Fran Tarkenton-No argument he is the all time greatest running QB of all time. You don't believe me? go to and watch a few videos on him. It won't take long for you to see how awesome he was.

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