GinaCarano hmedium
Ok, maybe not considered a sport, I am a fan of American Gladiator. Don't hate me. At the top of my list of heros is the beautiful, calm, cool, and collected bad ass known as Crush. I guess I should not be all that surprised that Crush aka Gina Carano is the face of MMA, except that until tonight, I had no idea what that meant. She fought Kelly Kobold in what I thought was an edge of your seat competition - Oh, just kidding - Carano made her bleed and made it look easy. If I didn't think I would break a nail, I sure would strap on some gloves for a little cage match action. With her win, making her undefeated, Carano will take on Cris Santos - who looks positively scary. I am not sure what that means, except there is a new fan here tonight folks!

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