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This was my first live-blog (albeit starting in the second half) of a sporting event, and it was an historic one I did on my blog Stupid Sideline Reporters as the Pats finished off a 16-0 season. I'd like to share this personal mark for me as well as the opinion on the game and two teams to go with it. Yes by the way, this is my work, and my blog.

After Eli Manning found Plaxico Burress in the end zone, the Giants have a 28-16 lead over the Pats in a game that's being shown on CBS, NBC, CNN, HGTV, Food Network, MTV, and C-Span. I'll leave this as an open thread as it looks like the Pats are in trouble.


Update: Touchdown Pats! It's 28-23 after a Laurence Maroney 6 yard TD run. Game on in the Meadowlands, as the Patriots perfect season is on the line tonight.

End of 3rd Quarter, Patriots 28 Giants 23.

On a 3rd and 11, Brady can't find Moss, Giants get it at their own 26 after the punt. Bryant Gumbel is driving me crazy with "perhaps he got the first down", "perhaps he got 1".

And the G-Men go a horrific 3 and out, Pats ball at their own 34 with 11:00 left in the game. TOUCHDOWN PATS!!!!!!! BRADY TO MOSS!!! That's 50 TD's for Brady, a record, and #23 to Moss, another record. They go for 2, and get it with Maroney, Patriots 31 Giants 28 with 11:06.

Penalty on New England, Giants get the ball back at the Pats 48. And 10:57 left.

....Or not, it's on the Giants, they're at their own 28. Holding on a big running play, and it is now 2nd and 6. Timeout Pats.

Interception by Ellis's all gone wrong with just under 10:00 left in the game for the Giants.

Brady sacked after a big play to Donte Stallworth.

I ate dinner and then checked back in at the end of the game with a quick recap.

And I'm back, Maroney got another touchdown, Burress made a one handed grab late in the game after horrific clock management by the Giants, and the final score is 38-35 New England.

Once again, the Patriots have a MASSIVE scare, but this is the first team since the NFL went from 14 to 16 games to go undefeated in the reg. season. With spygate, the close calls, they are undefeated, and congrats to them......* phew, glad that's over, I didn't think I could make it through that statement!*

So now the Patriots are 16-0, now there is one teensy problem about anointing them as the greatest ever (as Cris Collinsworth painfully drooled all over them), they haven't played a playoff game yet! That will be the true test in a conference that has teams like the Jaguars and Colts. Once again their secondary was picked apart, they allowed Eli Manning to look "unstoppable" up until Eli stopped himself, the offensive line struggled, and Brady was hassled for much of the game.

I got to listen to Bryant Gumbel for the first time all year, and yes, he is atrocious. Luckily, he has improved a little bit from last year as far as player identification and enthusiasm. Other than would be a waste of money to subscribe to the NFL Network and not be able to mute him and just give us crowd noise. Collinsworth was solid as usual.....but this slobbering over the Patriots is getting out of hand...especially of Tom Brady.

Very inspired effort on the part of the Giants, but their inability to win at home is scary. They finished the year with a 3-5 record in their own stadium. That's pathetic. It's off to Tampa for them, where Eli Manning and the G-Men look for their first playoff win since their Super Bowl run in 2000-01.

So there you have it, final score is 38-35 Patriots, good night and have a nice weekend (as for the '72 Dolphins, I'm pretty sure some of them are a wee bit upset) .

P.S: I guess since I've been updating this a lot since the second half began, this would go down as a rare sighting of an SSR live blog. My first ever!

Here is the link to that post for proof. :)

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