I have never done a mock draft before.  I admit to not being much of a college football fan.  However, I looked at each team's depth chart, came up with a list of needs and then did some research on the players available.  I also have personal feeling about certain players that factored in my decision.  For example, in such a deep RB draft, RBs will fall pretty far in this draft.  If you can get Steve Slaton or Ray Rice in the 3rd rd, teams are going to shy away from taking RBs early.  thats going to make RB a good value late in the 1st rd.  I have never done this before, so I wlecome your comments and insights.  If I took a player for your team that does not fill a need, let me know.

1. MIA - C. Long-DE-UVA

Parcells will look to trade this pick, but if he stays put Dorsey doesn’t fit in his 3-4.  Long is a better fit even if he is a tweener.

2. STL - G. Dorsey-DT-LSU

DT may not be the biggest need in STL, but Pace and Barron can man the tackles and Long figures to be a RT anyway which typically do not get paid LT money or go in the top 5.

3# (draft order not set) -ATL - M. Ryan-QB-BC

Common perception is that the Falcons are going to take a QB. They may, but I am not so sure they do it at 5. Like any team in the top 7, I could the falcons trading down. If they stay put, Ryan is the best player at a position of need.

4# OAK - D. McFadden-RB-ARK

Davis got burned when he took Gallery so he stays away from taking an OLineman this early. He likes flashy players and McFadden is the flashiest.

5# KC - J. Long-OT-UMICH

If the draft turns out this way, KC will be cheering. They need a tackle more than anyone. Still, Long projects more as a RT and its tough to take a RT this early when you have to pay them LT money.  But KC has to be the most desperate team for someone who can play either tackle position

6. NYJ - S. Ellis-DT-USC

The Jets should trade down. They need help at G, OT, DT, DE and in the secondary. Who the Jets get in free agency will dictate who they take with this pick.  They can get a RT in the 2 nd or 3 rd rd, perhaps C. Nicks or M. McGlynn.

7. NE (from SF) - M. Jenkins-CB-USF

The Patriots need to get younger at LB, but they don't take LBers this early. They have 4 FAs in the secondary, including Asante Samuel. Known as a team that likes to trade down.

8. BAL - V. Gholston-DE/OLB-Ohio State

Everyone thinks the Ravens will take a QB, but this is a weak QB draft and as such it makes more sense to give Boller and T. Smith a shot.  They might grab a QB in a later round.  For now they need someone to replace Suggs if he bolts during free agency.

9. CIN - D. Connor-OLB-Penn St.

The Bengals needs LBers. Whether here or after trading down, the Bungles will draft a LB.

10. NO - A. Talib-CB-Kansas

The Saints couldn't stop anyone. They take either a CB or LB. Its Talib or Rivers.

11. BUF - K. Rivers-OLB-USC

They need help at LB and in the secondary and could use another offensive tackle. Rivers is the best available.

12. DEN - D. Jackson-WR-Cal

Could use a safety or another weapon for Cutler. They go with the best WR available.

13. CAR - K. Phillips-FS-The U

Interesting pick with the Bears next. Could use a QB or could bluff and use the Bears as bait for a team wanting to trade up for a QB. They give Delhomme/Carr 1 more chance and get more physical

14. CHI - B. Brohm-QB-Loiusville

Can you say QB? Only question is whether it is Brohm or Woodson. I don't think either is worth a 1st rd pick, but the Bears think Brohm is.

15. DET - R. Clady-OT-Boise St.

They aren't going to take a WR thats for sure. They could use some help on D, but the better value is at the tackle position, also a need for the Lions.

16. ARI - D. Harvey-DE-Fla

This is a team that needs to get to the QB more. They'll take the best available guy who can do that.

17. MIN - C. Campbell-DE-The U

Another team that needs to get to the QB although they could use another WR as well. Still, I see them going defense.

18 HOU - R. Mendenhall-RB-Ill.

Lots of tempting options for the Texans, another tackle, a RB to make up for the lack of Bush, a WR to pair with Andre Johnson. They are weakest at the RB position.

19. PHI - M. Kelly-WR-Okla.

This is a team that needs playmakers on both sides of the ball. Defense went early leaving good value on offense. They give McNabb a new toy.

20. TB - A. Bowman-WR-Okla St.

The Bucs continue the run on Wrs as they are desperate for one WR who wouldn't qualify as a baby boomer.

21. WAS - S. Baker-OT-USC

This team could go a lot of ways. Depends on the coach. OL, WR, DE and a safety to replace Taylor (RIP). Baker was a top 10 pick before the injury. He's their guy.

22. DAL (from CLE) - J. Otah-OT-Pitt

Flozell Adams doesn’t cut it anymore and the loss to the Giants was due mostly to the Cowboys O-line getting outplayed.

23. PIT - G. Cherilus-OT-BC

Probably a little high for him, but Pitt’s line slipped a little and might get hit in free agency.  Could use a nasty defender to spice up the D again, but one just isn’t available that would represent good value.

24. TEN - L. Sweed-WR-Texas

If Vince Young is going to progress he needs some weapons.  Why not grab him one from Texas?

25. SEA - J. Stweart-RB-Oregon

I don’t think the Seahawks set out to take a RB with so much money tied up in Alexander.  I think they want a olineman and they might move up when they start seeing them come off the board.  Still, Stewart can learn for a year from Alexander and then be the guy next year.

26. JAX - M. Manningham-WR-U Mich

The Jags are pretty desperate for a WR.

27. SD - A. Highsmith-OLB-LSU

I wouldn't be surprised if they traded out of the 1st rd to a team that wanted to move up and grab a RB. If they stay put, I think they grab the best available CB or LB.

28. DAL - F. Jones-RB-Ark

Jones will be gone and Barber is not an every down back.  You know Jones wants McFadden bad, so he settles for his understudy.

29 - SF (from IND)- E. Doucet-WR-LSU

The 9ers breathe a sigh of relief as there is only one WR left and each of the WRs on the roster are lucky to be in the NFL.  If all the WRs are gone it would serve them right for that awful trade with the Patriots.

30. GB - F. Davis-TE-USC

They aren't getting any younger at CB, but the guys available would all be reaches. The top TE is still around and fills a need.

31. NYG - R. Smith-CB/S-Okla.

A super Bowl team that has pretty serious needs at LB and in the secondary.

32. Pats - Forfeited

You shouldn’t cheat next time.  Especially if you are going to go undefeated.


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