To say this week was wild would be like saying Bugs Bunny doesn't like carrots. There was the quest for perfection by the New England Patriots, who fell faster than Wile Coyote off the cliff using an ACME product. Congrats are in order to the New York Giants(or New Jersey, if you want to get technical) and Eli Manning.

Then there were the commericals. Some of them were pretty good (the Coke ad with the parade balloons fighting over a bottle, Bud Light's Cheese Party and the G2 ad with Derek Jeter), some were outstanding (the Budweiser ad with the clysdale and dalmation, the Go Daddy ad that we had to go to the web site to see) and some of them SUCKED (the ETrade ads - what were they thinking?, FedEx - what the hell? and the Tide ad with the talking stain. As Manny would say, "what the fack?").

The New York Mets got their man. Johan Santana's now in the orange and blue as the Mets begin their last year at Shea.

The halftime show wasn't bad. There could have been more dancing but I'll give that and Jordan Sparks, who sang the National Anthem an A.

Lastly, two college basketball greats reached milestones. Houston's Tom Penders got win number 600 with the Cougars' victory over Central Florida in Orlando and University of San Franciscocoach Eddie Sutton got win number 800. The Memphis Tigers struggled against a the Texas-El Paso Miners team but came away with a win and kept their number one ranking. The Kansas State Wildcats found that the Missouri Tigers loved company and the Arizona Wildcats was no match for the UCLA Bruins and the Bruins buried the Wildcats at Pauley.

Rick Majerus and Dana Jacobs kept quiet this week, so nothing on them.

Now there's one more football game. I know, ladies, it's the last one of the season. It's the Pro Bowl and then you can make us watch chick flicks until baseball season rolls around. 

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