The Macon Music, a team in the independent South Coast League, planned on having a night spoofing the exploits of former New York governor Eliot Spitzer on June 13th against the Aiken (South Carolina) Foxhounds. After a lot of air time on shows such as ESPN's Mike and Mike, as well as Fox News, the team is rethinking their plans for the night.

In a statement issued by assistant general manager Jason Gold, the team is asking the public for feedback as to if the night survives or not. There are some that feel the night in question should go forward, while others think that the idea is bad. The team is asking for that feedback in the form of a poll on their website, which started March 16th and will end at Noon on the 22nd. Personally, I think that they should go for it. After all, people can choose to come to the historic ballpark, the third oldest in the nation behind Fenway Park and Tiger Stadium or not. That's their choice. I am hoping to get a summer job with the ballclub as part of my major. Stay tuned for that.

Voting and results can tracked on the team's website, and the results will be announced that day.

Oh... and for the record, I voted for it.


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