To quote Jay Leno, when he was interviewing Hugh Grant, "What the hell were you thinking?" The same words could apply (with some ease!) to Murray State Racers QB Jeff Ehrhardt. His offense? The 20-year old signal caller was busted by campus police after he alledgedly pushed a campus police officer and taking his ticket book. According to, Ehrhardt did the deed on a $20 bet from someone that he wouldn't.  

Now I'm in favor of a good joke every now and then. Not only am I not laughing, Allen Ward, the school's athletic director is not amused and neither is his coach, Matt Griffin. Don't think for a second that Ehrhardt isn't going to the dog house for this one.  Ward has already taken action against Ehrhardt and Griffin is next in line.

This was a huge gamble. A gamble in which he and/or the officer in question could have gotten hurt. Now he's got a court date April 29th and is looking at 10 years in prision. Come on, was it worth it? I doubt it. That $20 could have gone for bigger and better things on a college campus, such as doing your laundry or making copies of that paper that your history professor needs before finals.

Right now, Jeff Ehrhardt is NOT the sharpest knife in the restaurant. "Stupid is as stupid does," Forrest Gump once said. At least he wasn't shot or tazered and he did give himself up, so that should get him some points with the judge. Erhardt not only put his future on the line, he put his team's future on it as well. Perhaps if the powers that be would let him, his sentence would be to talk to youth groups about respecting authority or visiting a battered women's shelter or mayhaps working in an AIDS ward and seeing those that have even less than he does.

When you wear a college uniform, you are not only representing that team, you are the face of that team and school. Right now, Murray State has egg on its face and will have a devil of a time wiping it off. Let's hope he learns from this.   

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