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We all knew the Warriors would take on a new look after Barron Davis bolted for the Clip Crew over the summer, but things took ever more of a drastic turn with Monta Ellis' recent injury. Ellis, who supposedly was riding a motorcycle at the time of his injury, tore up his ankle and will not return until around the all-star break. There is some speculation that he may not return at all this season. The 22 year-old was due to start at point guard and really do what Baron Davis has done for the team over the last 3 seasons; run the team and basically be the man on offense in all aspects. However, that experiment will have to wait a while, and here is a look at how the new Warriors' starting five should look come opening night at the Oracle

PG: Marcus Williams: He looked good for New Jersey filling in for Devin Harris last year for about a 2 week stretch. He averaged 11 points and about 6.5 assists per game during his starting stint.....

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