Well since part 2 came out the finals has gone three games so far, Phil Jackson whined about refereeing again, and someone is claiming the nba is fixed again... so pretty much not a whole lot has happened. That being said before i take part as the Nets representative in the AGM mock draft i thought i would go ahead and finish my mock draft.

Part 2 and Part 1 can be found by clicking on those links. Part 1 gives a good explanation of how i do this whole nonsense, but to recap for those who may have forgotten:

This is not what will happen, it's what should happen. I choose based on need and i don't care about what position you play just that you're the most talented player who will help my team get to the next level.

The picks so far have been:

Beasley, Rose, Randolph, Lopez, Gordon, Bayless, Mayo, Westbrook, Love, Speights

Augustin, Arthur, Alexander, Galinari, Rush, Jordan, R. Lopez, Budinger, Greene, Mcgee

picks 21-30 are often slim pickings but i think this year there may be some top of the line talent available. (CDR, JJ hickson for example) so teams will want to put their homework in for these picks. on with 21-30.

21) NJ- Batum

After drafting a post presence early in the draft the nets can either look to strengthen their bench with a shooter or can look to the future with an international pick that they can ideally stash over in Europe for a year or two. I say with Harris, M. Williams, Carter Jefferson, Speights Boone and S. williams around not to mention probably Nachbar you can afford to look ahead. Batum is young and was talked about as a lottery pick before the season I say draft him, put him in Europe and you have a potential replacement for carter in the future or Jefferson should you trade him.

22) Orl- CDR

Orlando needs a guard with quickness, who can penetrate when necessary or knock down shots when Howard passes it out. CDR is a perfect fit who is quick enough and big enough to handle the taller guards who Orlando is not currently equipped to guard.

23) Utah – Hibbert

They need quickness badly. Part of the reason they were eliminated this year was their inability to get back in transition because quite frankly they were too slow. However as I don’t have anyone on the board left who’s likely to help solve that problem so I take Roy Hibbert. They don’t like to run anyway so his lack of quickness wouldn’t be a huge problem, and he should be an improvement over Jarron Collins.

24)Sea – Chalmers

With all the young guys seattle is going to have on their roster I want a guy who’s been to the highest place possible, someone who’s seen what it takes to win. They need a pg and having based up on bayless I take Chalmers here.

25) Houston- Courtney Lee

Aside from T-mac and Yao every other position could probably be upgraded., raefer alston was very good last year so point isn’t a major need. With T-macs window closing they need people who can contribute right away, so I’m looking at one of the few seniors in the draft. Lee will knock down shots off passes from rafer and T-mac or Yao double teams and can also but the ball on the floor himself. When the rockets are struggling to score like they often do Lee will be a big help coming in for Battier or for T-mac when he needs to rest.

26) San Antonio- JJ Hickson

They have their big three, and a bunch of professionals but not a whole lot of athleticism. The spurs often look international and I would be surprised if they don’t, but Hickson will provide a nice option to help defend some of the quicker big men and aid their overall team speed.

27) New Orleans- Bill Walker

They don’t have too many needs. They could look to take a big man so they don’t have to play Melvin Ely ever again. Walker is too good to pass up here and with Bonzi Wells a free agent they can let him go Walker should be able to step into his role.

28) Mem- Kofous

I have them taking Eric Gordan at 5 so I would look big man here. Kofous I don’t see as a great NBA prospect due to his lack of athleticism but he should be able to score some points in the paint and that’s all the grizzlies can hope for here.

29) Det- Serge Ibaka

Mcdyess could call it quits which would change things a bit and rasheed could be dealt but right now it doesn’t look like too many guys will be getting playing time here so I’m looking to stick a guy in Europe for a year or two till sheed, mcdyess, rip and Billups are closer to moving on. Ibaka is 18, you can let him learn the game in Europe for a couple years and bring him over when he’s ready and he’ll still only be 20-21.

Note: I’ve heard DJ whites name here, but I don’t see how that helps with Maxiell already around.

30) Bos- Lawson

This pick will likely change based on how rondo does in the finals, but the Celtics need a pg that won’t be afraid to take open shots. I like rondo but they can use a replacement for House and Cassell and possibly a starter if rondo refuses to take the open shots he’s given. More likely the Celtics will look to a foreign big man like Ante Tomic, or Alexis Ajinca, but as I said I think the finals will show more about what the Celtics need to do.

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