After part 1 was such a smashing success, i figured i'd go ahead and do part 2 anyways.

To recap this is not what will happen, it's what should happen. i choose based on need and i don't care about what position you play just that you're the most talented player who will help my team get to the next level.

feel free to read why i have each guy at the positions but picks 1-10 where: Beasley, Rose, Randolph, Lopez, Gordon, Bayless, Mayo, Westbrook, Love, Speights

on to part 2:

11) Ind- Augustin

Indiana by all accounts is sick of Jamal Tinsley’s inability to play anything close to a full season. Assuming they don’t make some major changes (such as trading J. O’neal or Tinsley etc) it looks like Augustin is their best bet. Coming of a 19 pt 5 board a game season I might also look to deal Dunleavy and draft Galinari here.

12) Sac- Arthur

Assuming the top four point guards are off the board its probably too high to take a pg at 12, so I’m either looking to trade up (if Artest stays do they really need Francisco Gracia?) or trade down and get a power forward and a point guard (like Lawson or Chalmers later in the draft. If they stay here it looks like the choices would be Jordan or Arthur. I take Arthur.

13) Por- Alexander

Like Sac their biggest need is probably a pg and with Raef Lefrentz expiring deal they can probably make some moves, but with Brandon Roy on the roster they don’t neeeeed a pg. So Chad Ford tells me they’ll draft Joe Alexander and I have no problem with that.

14) G.S. – Galinari

Do they need Galinari? No, but we’re talking about G.S. here, Nelson loves 6’5”- 6’9” guys who can slash, shoot and pass. They could also draft Jordan here as they’re looking for more of an inside presence

15) Pho- Rush

Realistically their window has probably closed, because they’re not likely to overtake L.A., N.O., Utah, and S.A. but with Shaq and Nash around they need to win NOW. You’re looking for someone who can step right in and contribute so I think you’re looking at Rush or CDR. Rush is probably the better athlete and shooter and since they’re not looking for him to star anyway his reticence to do so is not a problem.

16) Phi- Jordan

Philly is an athletic team in need of more of an inside presence, put Jordan in the mix and they can keep their uptempo style while hopefully developing a low post scorer for the future. Note I have Jordan this low because I think he has high bust potential, at 7 ft you shouldn’t be averaging 8 pts and 6 boards in college. Granted he was a frosh, but was he even a starter at A&M?

17) Tor – Robin Lopez

With the team they have they need an athletic big who can also defend. They’re going to play uptempo and they have sufficient shooters, Lopez can run with them, but also defend guys who Bargnani and Bosh will struggle defending. SF is another option and Donte Green and CDR deserve looks

18)    Was- Budinger

They have Caron Butler and a lot of question marks. I’ve seen McGee here, but with Blatche they don’t really need another tall developmental prospect. With Arenas, Jamison and Butler I put Budinger at the 2 and see if we can’t out shoot people. I’m not sure he’s a great pick for them but he’s the only one I see left having a chance to fit/contribute with them

19) Cleveland – Donte Greene

Simply put they need people who can score the basketball, and ideally some shooters. Hopefully Greene will add a little strength and develop a low post game in the future (he is 6’10”) but for now he’ll be a talented outside shooter not afraid to put up shots when Lebron throws it to him.

On a side note if they fail to turn Eric Snow and or their other expiring deals (Wally Sczcerbiak) into talented pieces then Danny Ferry needs to be catapulted out of town.

20) Denver- Mcgee

PG is definitely an option, with Chalmers being the pick over Lawson since they can’t get by with 2 under 6 foot guards in the backcourt. However with Camby getting up there in age, I take Mcgee who is a similar player and groom him as Camby’s replacement given Camby may even be traded.

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