You have to hand it to minor league baseballs - those teams can dream really up some creative promotions.  T he recent promotion held by the Grand Prairie AirHogs (don't you just love the name) , was perhaps inevitable given recent publicity concerning a certain baseball star's love life.    The AirHogs are an independent team, playing in the American Association and located about 20 miles west of Dallas.  This is their first year of operation.

The team <a href="">held</a> A-Rod and Madonna Night. Anyone wearing an A-Rod jersey (presumably from the Mariners, Rangers or Yankees) or dressed like Madonna could buy a ticket to Wednesday's game for only a dollar. A-Rod and Madonna couples were then treated to a phony wedding ceremony between innings and had opportunities to win a house, car and other luxury items.

Last month, the AirHogs packed the stand with another great promotion.  The team gave away a funeral, complete with headstone, casket and plot.  There were pallbearer races between innings and fans were encouraged to wear black.

The spirit of Bill Veeck is alive and well in Grand Prairie.

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