I did this weekly near the end of last year due to all the milestones being broken.  Here is the first edition for the 2008 season:

This list contains the 15 most likely milestones to be achieved in the upcoming week.

The list includes either general milestones or surpassing players in the top 10 all-time of a statistical category.

The top of the list shows the most likely to happen in the next week, the further down the list, the less likely it will happen this week.


Magglio Ordonez-Tigers-1000 RBIs-999

Adrian Beltre-Mariners-300 Doubles-299

John Smoltz-Braves-3000 Strikeouts-2996

Jose Valverde-Astros-100 Saves-99

Brad Penny-Dodgers-1000 Strikeouts-994

Greg Maddux-Padres-350 Wins-349

Vladimir Guerrero-Angels-2000 Hits-1992

Bobby Abreu-Yankees-1000 RBIs-994

Richie Sexson-Mariners-300 Home Runs-298

Dmitri Young-Nationals-300 Doubles-296

Manny Ramirez-Red Sox-500 Home Runs-496

Luis Gonzalez-Marlins-1400 RBIs-1395

Jim Edmonds-Padres-400 Doubles-397'

Ken Griffey, Jr.-Reds-600 Home Runs-596

Arthur Rhodes-Mariners-1000 Strikeouts-994

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