Man, I feel like a Big-N-Tasty on the McDonalds menu…Only back for a limited time, so all you cats out there, don’t get used to my spits and spats. Most likely the five or so peeps who read my mouth-watering rants, (and I thank you) have been wondering where the hell I disappeared to. Again, thanks for the love! Let’s just say I had to go back underground again and take care of some business! What kind? Well, that’s real easy…None of yours!

Nevertheless, I’m back on my perch for a few days until I disappear again. Where am I going? Well, read along and you might find out! However I can tell you I’m going to a place where Erin Andrews has graced with her presence. And no, it’s not Wrigley Field…Even though one could say it’s definitely hollowed grounds and the male gender may have the tendency to get distracted!! Any guesses?

Speaking of Erin Andrews and Chicago, what’s up with the sports journalistic assholes in the city? We all know about Jay Mariotti and his problems…We all know he’s gay thanks to some very thorough investigative reporting by some dude who goes by the name of Ozzie. Although now it appears that Mike Nadel wants to be mentioned in the same breath as the gay one, (it should be understood that at this time Nadel’s sexual orientation is unknown). Nadel was highly critical of Erin Andrews in a recent column entitled "Blonde bombshell can't distract red-hot Cubs". Essentially calling Andrews out for her outfit, which was for all intensive purpose was designed to show off her "goods", (and take that whichever way you like! Oh yeah, in addition, Big Mikey doesn’t believe that Erin showed the proper behavior either…Essentially conveying the notion that she’s looking for a date rather than doing what’s she’s hired to do…Cover sports!

Um, hey jerkoff, last time I checked, um, well…That's part of why she was hired for her job. You don't see many ugly, old, unfashionable people reporting on any channel these days, let alone ESPN. Look at the demographics of the channel for cryin' out loud. MEN are watching and MEN are paying her salary as well as everybody else at that channel. Your comments could be directed at ANY "good-looking" male or female news reporter on any channel. Welcome to modern America, misogynistic crybaby! Shit, the only two things in the world that we give a rats ass about sports are good looking women! And Erin falls into both categories! In addition, no disrespect to EA, you of all peeps should know that ESPN doesn’t cover sports anymore…With them it’s all about personalities!! What’s the matter, Mickey? Did ESPN reject your job application? Oh wait, wait, I believe I got it…Erin Andrews wouldn’t give you the time of day, so rather than feeling like Bartman, you decided to spit back at her, right?

Michael Rand of Randball! caught up with Andrews to get her opinion on his column and she was less than impressed…

"I think my overall reaction is that it's really sad that in 2008 ... I have people watching every single move I make," Andrews said. "When there's a big game between the Cubs and Brewers going on, it's sad that that's what their focus is on. ... And the last thing I had heard is that when you want to do a story on someone, you contact them."

It would appear that Nadel and Andrews won’t be doing the whole Christmas card exchange, now will they? Just keep showing your ignorance-her job is to look as good/professional as possible and be a professional/competent reporter. If she dressed like a slob, you idiots would slam her and tell her to be more presentable on TV. The idiot ballplayers would laugh at anything-they are overpaid whiners playing a child's game and getting paid very handsomely to do it. Maybe they should focus on the game going on and not the reporter anyway…Just like Andrews said! I mean, it was only a pivotal four game series with the Brewers and Cubs, it’s not like it was the Royals and Pirates. Why is it that, other than idiots like yourself, the people that complain are jealous women. Not unless it was your ball and chain who put you up to writing this spat? Is she the jealous type? Or is she the one who keeps nagging the shit out of you until something is done? Thus the reason for the soundoff?

Hey Mikey, if you want to put the blame somewhere regarding Andrews, well I got four simple letters for you! ESPN my friend! Besides having the credentials to do her job, and do it well…It’s no secret she’s hot on the level of Playboy, (HINT, HINT). This is precisely why the Bristol brass wants her to be in front of the camera as much as possible…Wearing clothes that occasionally accentuate her looks. Thus gets perks that other reporters may not get and Bristol recognizes this! Lets be real here, when we all see her appear on television, we all stop what we’re doing and automatically go into a trance! And if you say you don’t, either you’re a big fat liar or are related to Nadel! So if you want to point fingers Mikey, point them at Bristol for getting your Calvin Klein’s in a bunch!

Still trying to figure out who in the hell is Mike Nadel anyway and what rock he crawled out from under from? Is he Mariotti’s BFF?

Vote in LastRowSports. com Pick'em, which asks which brand of football do you prefer? College or Pro?? Tough Call...And you thought deciding bewteen a blonde or a brunette was difficult enough!

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