Craig Trapp lead sports handicapper from CT Sports finishes up his Final Four Team Preview Articles today looking at Michigan State Spartans. If you missed any of the other teams you can check them out here: UNC, Villanova, and UCONN !  

After a slow start to the season Michigan State has come on and might be the hottest team in the Final Four. That being said experts are still not giving the Spartans much respect as they are the longest shot on the board at 5-1. The good news for Michigan State fans is this teams loves the underdog roll and flourishes when everyone tells them they can't win.

Without a doubt this team has the best coach in the Final Four. Tom Izzo is a master in the NCAA Tournament. He seldom has the most talented teams but his teams are always prepared and usually win because they just want it more. The Spartans are a direct reflection of Coach Izzo. Team basketball is the key to all of Izzo's teams and this one is no different. Individually this team is just average but as a whole they are very tough and gritty.

Offensively Kalin Lucas and Travis Walton run the team for Coach Izzo's Spartans. More than ever before this team really looks to run when they have the numbers. Both Lucas and Walton can really get out and score on the break. Lucas was the Big Ten Player of the Year and has been clutch all NCAA Tournament. If the Spartans are going to win these two must be efficient offensively and lock down the UCONN guards.

The one player that has been the most valuable player to this team all year has been Senior Center Goran Suton. Not always the leading scorer or rebounder but he the one guy that does all the dirty work. Several games in this NCAA Tournament have seen Suton hit wide open jumpers to carry this team to wins. Not the most athletic or fastest player but definitely the most important single player if MSU is going to win in this years Final Four.

Defensively this team must play another stellar game. There performance defensively against Louisville was spectacular and if they can repeat against UCONN they have a great chance to win the Championship. Not sure offensively they are good enough to outscore UCONN so they must hold them to under 45% from the field and out rebound them in the lane.

Pretty hard to believe that the best Coach remaining is not of the favorites to win this years Final Four. But, the good news if you like the underdog you have to love the 5-1 odds for the Spartans.

Hope everyone has enjoyed all of Craig's preview articles for each team in this years Final Four. Don't miss out on Craig's two Final Four Picks get them at !!

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