No way Michael Phelps is clean and not cheating. Now do not get over anger with me. Hear me out first and then start to think for yourself. First of all, Michael is dream for America. He is perfect and that is why I think he is a cheater. Obviously he has top people working for him on this mission to win all these gold medals. He has been trained to act and speak in manner that is friendly and nice just not to United States but to rest of world. And yes, he is an excellent swimmer. That can not be denied. But the best in every event? I don't think so! It is not hard for athletes to always be step ahead of steroid testing. Soviet Union always knew other countries such as United Kingdom and China cheated in older Olympics. It was the only way to keep up with our better athletes who trained year round and received everything needed to be the greatest in the world. Those were great years. And now they are gone. It was harder to prove cheating with Americans. They were better at it. Now testing is a little better but not much. Think about it. This nice clean man that all girls want is always the best? What if he was from another country like Russia or China? Americans would suspect he was a cheating! What if he was rude and not nice? Then world would also call him a cheater. Get this right and make no mistake. People that act nice can cheat just as much as those who are mean and ugly looking.  Now please understand. I do not wish for Michael Phelps to be proven cheater. I want to be wrong about this thinking. But I don't think I really am. World does not need such news. But I think it would be better to test athletes right after winning events and wait until tests prove there is no cheating before handing over medals and singing country anthems. It just makes more sense. And then world does not have to wonder if people like Michael Phelps cheat at what they do. Thanks for reading. I like it here.

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