It was an eventful year for the Miami Dolphins, albeit a year that did not include much wins (one to be exact). Although next year does show some promise after the hiring of Bill Parcells as the ‘executive VP of football operations’ coupled with the first pick in the NFL Draft.


The Dolphins season started just like everyone else’s: with hope and a clean slate. With Trent Green under center, a confident Ronnie Brown in the backfield and an elderly promising defense, Dolphins fans were excited for the upcoming season.

The excitement continued even after a 16-13 OT loss to the Washington Redskins in Week 1. Over the next 7 weeks however, the Dolphins would rack up 7 more losses. They would lose Trent Green for the season after a Week 5 concussion (which gave the reigns to Cleo Lemon) as well as Ronnie Brown for the year in Week 7. Up until then, Brown had been running like a madman, piling up 602 yards on 119 rushes and 4 touchdowns. Going into the Week 9 bye, the Dolphins were 0-8 and had lost their starting quarterback and running back to year ending injuries.

It was perhaps at this time, as in Madden, that fans realized that even if they unrealistically won out the rest of their season, they would be 8-8 and would likely still miss the playoffs. The mood in Miami was dismal and the team members did not look happy. The depression would continue through Week 14, where the Dolphins stood at 0-13. During the 5 games since the bye week, the Dolphins had played in some close games (13-10 loss to the Bills in Week 10), some bad games (40-13 ass kicking by the Jets in Week 13) and an ugly game(a 3-0 loss to the Steelers in Week 12, where we seen perhaps the worst playing conditions in the history of the NFL). The Dolphins were 3 losses away from being an immortal laughing stock in NFL history.

But then, something crazy happened. The Dolphins won a Week 15 game against the Ravens (surprise, surprise) and ended the entire nation’s dream of the defeated Dolphins ending the undefeated Patriots season in Week 16, which would have effectively imploded the universe. Still, the Dolphins organization as a whole was ecstatic that instead of being known as the ‘first team to go 0-16’ they would instead just be known as ‘that horrible 1-15 Dolphins team from 2007.’ The 2007 Dolphins were definitely a half glass full type team, that’s for sure. Even if they lost their remaining two games (which they did) they still won at least one game. Motivational coaches everywhere smiled to themselves.

The Dolphins ended the 2007 season 1-15 and once the good feelings of at least winning one game wore off, they realized they were still going to suck just as much next year. Then, something even crazier happened. Bill Parcells decided he was bored on NFL Sunday Countdown and wanted to get back into the NFL somehow. Parcells chose the Dolphins over the Falcons and Miami fans rejoiced. Perhaps they would not suck so much next year. Almost immediately, the new executive VP of football operations began to clean house, firing GM Randy Mueller and head coach Cam Cameron.

Dolphins 2007 Team Leaders


Cleo Lemon: 173/309, 1773 yards, 5.74 yards per attempt, 6 TD, 6 INT


Ronnie Brown: 119 carries, 602 yards, 4 TD, 0 fumbles


Marty Booker: 50 receptions, 556 yards, 1 TD


Channing Crowder: 77 total tackles (60 solo), 1 sack (Jason Allen led the team in interceptions with 3)

Parcells would eventually bring in former Cowboys underling Tony Sparano as the new head coach a few weeks later. Considering the state of the team minutes after their season ended at 1-15, Dolphins fans have to at least feel good that the team is now on the right track with Parcells at the helm. Known for his keen eye for talent and no nonsense approach to the game, the team should look and play completely different next year, and for the better.

Who will the Dolphins take at #1? Will they trade down? Perhaps the only position the Dolphins don’t need to upgrade is running back, but with Darren McFadden available it would surprise no one if the Fins take him, considering his talent. LSU DT Glenn Dorsey is generally regarded as the best senior prospect in the entire draft and the Dolphins may very well take him. There are a bunch of different positions available with the number one pick, so it’s anyone’s guess as to which direction the team will go. But one thing is for sure, with Parcells steering them, they’ll be headed in the right direction.

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