The New York Mets suffered another losing series against the Philadelphia Phillies, but this time it was a sweep.

Johan Santana, Mets starting pitcher, went seven innings with two earned runs (home runs) and three strike outs.

The Mets line-up couldn't provide the run support in their 0-2 lose against the Phillies.

“I did everything I could, but they were better,” Santana said. “I was trying to give them a chance to win, but in the end it came down to a couple of pitches. They did everything right the whole series.”

The Phillies starting pitcher, Joe Blanton, pitched seven innings with five strike outs and three walks. Blanton didn't need to do much, because the Mets line-up did most of the work. "That was a big play,” Blanton said. “With the bases loaded, I’m trying to make good pitches and hopefully get him to hit it on the ground for a double play. So I really got the result I wanted. It was a sinker and had pretty good movement and I got lucky.”

Phillies shortstop, Jimmy Rollins and second baseman, Chase Utley provided the Phillies two runs with home runs.

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