After receiving a victory against the Baltimore Orioles in game one, the Orioles defeat the New York Mets, 6-4, to tie the series.
Tim redding

Mets pitcher, Tim Redding, pitched five innings, allowed four earned runs and two strike outs.

Orioles catcher, Matt Wieters, hit his first home run against Redding.

“It’s tough to give up someone’s first big league home run by six inches, especially on a ball right over the wall,” Redding said. “But a home run is a home run. Two runs are two runs, We lost by two runs.”

Mets right fielder, Ryan Church, had one run with two hits. Gary Sheffield, designated hitter, had two runs and two hits. Daniel Murphy, first baseman, had one run with three hits.

“They can put instant runs on the board, and sometimes for an offense like ours it’s hard to overcome that, that late,” New York manager Jerry Manuel said. “Our thing is to bob and weave and jab, and they be hitting us with body blows.”

Orioles, centerfielder, Andrew Jones, first baseman Anbrey Huff, left fielder Nolan Reimold and catcher Matt Wieters all had one run each. Right fielder, Nick Markakis, finished with two runs and four hits.

“Anytime you can get a shaving cream face, that means you won a ballgame and did something good for the team,” Wieters said, talked about his first home run. “It’s always an honor to get one of those things, and I’ll take as many of those as they want to give me.”

The Mets will have a chance to take the series tonight at 7 o'clock pm ET.

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