The New York Mets bounced back with a comfortable victory against the New York Yankees, 6-2. The Mets didn't suffer much from last nights "nightmare."

"We just forget about what happened yesterday,” Mets catcher Omir Santos said. “It was a tough game but you have to bounce back today and have a good game like this.”

Santos finished with two hits (including one home run), one run, and three RBIs. He stroke out twice and had five at bats.

Mets manager, Jerry Manuel, said the team wanted to erase the memories of last night.

“I sensed there was an urgency to play well,” Manuel said. “Obviously, the way the game ended last night, we all know to a man how difficult it’s been for Luis, and for him to go through it, I think to a man they felt an urgency to play well.”

Mets center fielder, Carlos Beltran, third baseman David Wright and designated hitter Gary Sheffield, had one run with two hits each. First baseman, Fernando Tatis, had two runs with one hit and one RBI.

Mets pitcher, Fernando Nieve, pitched six innings and only allowed two earned runs with two strike outs. He received his first win on the season (1-0). Nieve said he wasn't nervous, because it's something that he loves. “I didn’t feel nervous,” Nieve said. “It’s baseball. It’s my job. I have been doing that for a while, just trying to do the same that I’ve been doing for years.”

Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez hit a home run in the second inning. He finished with one run, one hit, one RBI and one walk. Right fielder, Melky Carbrera, had one run with one hit.

Joe Girardi, Yankee manager, wasn't impressed with Andy Pettitte (Yankees starting pitcher) performance. “Andy just had a bad start, that’s all,” Girardi said. “It doesn’t come at a good time, because right now our bullpen’s a little fatigued.”

Pettitte pitched five innings, allowing 12 hits, five earned runs and three strike outs.

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