As the season approaches the end, with The Superbowl a stones throw away, the NFL draft could just end up throwing some people for a loop. Maybe in the last week or two. Donovan Mcnabb has shown he learned just a little from his former nemesis T.O. Donovan asking for playmakers on the team is beginning to talk his way out the door just like his former team-mate. He may move on if somebody throws a 1st round pick this year and a third round pick next year at the Eagles, this might be overvaluing his worth, but I can see somebody taking that chance. i.e. Brad Childress. I really can't see Chicago doing that with the defense showing some holes this year. The Eagles would be in great shape.

So let's say it happens the Eagle's do this they do have a chance that far back for Desean Jackson and say a Calais Cambell. That should make all Eagle Fans salivate till Sept. Rookie receivers rarely catch on in the Eagle system the first year so the impact would be minimal.

So what about tight end and Offensive Tackle. That's simple. Todd Hereman for the Eagles was looking like Tra Thomas's replacement and might need to go back to his more natural position and Max Jean Giles should go into the starting left guard position. Herremans was playing like a first round choice in the first training camp when Thomas was out with health concerns and moved inside because William Tomas had a few good years in him and there was a need to fill at guard.

With the second round pick they go with the kid out of USC Fred Davis which shouldn't be much of a reach,Craig Steltz, I believe is his name, in the third round at strong safety, and you have a day that has addressed the major needs of this team and you can let Kolb grow up with a young core on defense and offense. What does it matter in 2008-09 if you go 5-10 or 8-8.You miss the playoffs. But in Two thousand and Ten Look out. If by chance the Eagles got a second year Quarterback that can lead, they hit the playoffs as a wild card. Yeah right you say.

Picking up Marcus Trufant in Free Agency and a second Running back who can block and it's possible. Because no one is thinking that Desean Jackson can return kicks which killed two birds with one stone with the first pick. Even if he doesn't get on the field as a receiver until the middle of the year. Brent Celek on the other side of Davis gives you a great tandem at tight end. Cambell and Trent Cole on the ends with rotation of Chris GoGong on defense. That's all she wrote this team is on its way. Why did I say GoGong rotating at end. Because Takeo Spikes moves to the strongside, with Bradley in the middle,and Omar Gaither back to the Will spot. Amazing even the thoughts of it. Darren and Jevon, thanks but your legs don't hold up and I need the cap space for my new cornerback. What about Sheldon Brown. He is the replacement for Brian Dawkins at Contract's end. The nickel back till Lito goes down with what seems to be a yearly injury. With the supplemental picks we should have, there are bound to be some diamonds in the rough. We'll get a right guard so Shawn can move to right tackle at the end for John Runyan when he hangs up the cleats. But this could be the best thing if Donovan is traded when you sit down and think of the possibilities.

Are you listening ANDY?

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