Say, are you interested in some souvenirs of ballplayers that are on or have done steroids? Well, former trainer Brian McNamee is selling some of the stuff he has collected. Don't worry, it's not on EBay or anything of that nature. The man who claims that he injected 7-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens donanted some of the goods to an online auction house, with the proceeds going to a juvenile diabetes charity.

Wait, aren't there needles involved here?

According to Yahoo! Sports, a baseball signed by Clemens and McNamee that started the day Wednesday at $38 was bidding $4,000 by late afternoon, said Phil Castinetti, a friend of McNamee’s and owner of SportsWorld in Saugus who is handling the sale. Some 50-60 items were for the taking, including those from Clemens, Andy Pettite and former slugger Jose Canseco. He even went so far at to take a few shots at Clemens, signing some of the items, "Ly 0."

The auction ends Friday and if you're wondering if there are any syringes... the answer's no.

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