Back in March I wrote an article about the NFL and MLB that was entitled: " Matt's A-Z of Funny Sports Names ". It was a lot of fun, so I decided to do it again!

Warning: I grew up watching "The Three Stooges" giving me a love of slapstick. Along with that some low-brow humor makes me giggle like a child, so this may have a few things that are too racy for you. And that is fine. A little for everyone, right?

Note: With a few exceptions, I try very hard to not use "foreign" names. It is easy to make a joke about a name you can't pronounce...but as I said, there are a few exceptions.

Matt's A-Z of Funny Sports Names: NCAA Edition

NCAA Basketball

Don Adams

Don adams

A very generic name; but a name that is the same as the great “Maxwell Smart”.

Otis Birdsong

This guy should have been a musician.

Corky Calhoun

Alliteration and Corky in one name…like a fine wine.

Bob Doll

One syllable away from being made by “Mattel”.

Blue Edwards

Hey, cheer up buddy.

George Feigenbaum


Deng Gai

Sounds like something you say to your friend after he shows you the money he won at the casino.

Skip Harlicka

What does this even mean?!?!?

Royal Ivey

My favorite kind of ivy.

Jermaine Jackson


No relation.

Ernie Killum

Legend has it that he had a job with the mafia all lined up after graduation.

Ray Lumpp

Two “p”s, huh?

Nick Mantis

Ready? Wait for it………….no…that is too easy.

Melvin Newbern

Say this like an old, southern man.

Grady O’Malley

He better own a bar in downtown Boston.

Richard Peek



Oh…sad…no name.

Dick Ricketts

This is on the list because, I guess I am twelve.

Curtis Staples

What does he staple? Paper? Puppies? Eye lids?

David Thirdkill

I wonder if he is Ernie’s “wing-man”.


U is a lonely letter….

Butch Vanbredakolff

Sounds like a “Special Ops” Lieutenant.

Dick Wehr

That is a question no man wants to hear…

Thaddeus Young

“Why did you guys break up?” “He was a Tad Young” – Wahh wahh wahhhhhhhh.

Phil Zevenbergen

Easy for you to say!

NCAA Football

Pat Angerer


Eric Mangini?

Isaac Butts

Come on…his name is Butts!

Harry Colon

Sounds like a side effect of a drug you see on late night TV.

Honester Davidson

I want to meet the less honest Davidson.

Dick Eaton

Do I even need to say anything here?

Happy Feller

Well, good for him!

Cleveland Gary

Not to be confused with Portland Gary.

Arkelon Hall

I think I lived there in college.

Gary Inskeep

Side job?

Michael Jackson

‘nuff said

Dick Kackmeister

You do not name your kid Dick when that is your last name. Someone needs to call CPS. (I seriously almost cried when I saw this name)

Marlon Lucky

Not lucky enough to have a contemporary name.

Darcel McBath

(Honorary Mention) Colt McCoy That name is just, plain awesome.

Bronko Nagurski

No comment…this guy could probably break my face in half with a look.

Mike Oven

I have Mike Oven right next to Mike Sink

Carl Palazzo


If this guy is not in the mob then I will eat my hat.

Richard Quilling

How do you even pronounce that?

Jacquizz Rodgers

I threw him on there for the sole fact that his brother’s name is James.

Riley Skinner

Serial killer or cowboy…or both?

Elmer Tarbox

What exactly is a tar box?

Bill Underdonk

Under Donk? So would Donk be: Donk Overbill?

Trevor Vittatoe

Worst. Dietary Supplement. Ever.

Taco Wallace

(Honorable Mention: Juice Williams) Taco? That is a FOOD, not a child!!!


What? No David Xerox or Roger Xylophone?

Ashton Youboty

Ha…every time I heard his name I snickered.

Roger Zatkoff

I would bet my shoes that this guy was a Bond Villain’s number one.

From: Afraid of Ed Hochuli

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