I am an avid Marvel Comic Book fan and absolutely love to read comic after comic. I have the Marvel Encylopedia and I decided to put it to good use. Every now and then while I'm surfing the web or going through random blogs I sometimes come across a superhero team. I notice they use any superhero alive, but I restricted myself to the Marvel series, so no Superman, Batman, Flash, etc. I know a lot about the Marvel world and I think this will help in making a great team...Hope you enjoy! I will edit after I post and put pictures of all superheroes (I find it easier to put pictures in with the editing rather than uploading.)

Head Coach


Professor X

  • In wheelchair (1st Football coach to be in one?)
  • Telepathic Powers

Professor X was the logical choice for this position. He is a players coach, always getting along with them and never getting angry with them. He can keep his players calm under pressure. The players will follow the Professor no matter what he says, plus with his telepathic skills he will be able to tell if his opposing coach (Mr. Hoody) is spying on his signs. If he is? Well, Professor X will blow up his head and bury it in that hoody with his telepathic powers!



Captain American

  • 6 ft 2 in
  • 240 lbs
  • Blue eyes & Blonde Hair (Mr. Dreamy)
  • Great Leadership Skills

It's Captain America for Pete's sake, who else would you have lead the team. You can't even imagine having a Marvel team not led by the Cap. His leadership skills will rub off on everyone around him, he can take a million hits and jump right back up. He is a fierce competitor and doesn't like to lose. His tenacity and his will to win will put him a level up on all other quarterbacks in the league, having super strength probably helps too ;] He will most certainly have the most heart too, which is always needed in a star quarterback. Just one question...has he ever played quarterback?




  • 6ft
  • 175 lbs
  • Super Speed and Agility

Quicksilver might be an old man, but he has not slowed up one bit. He is Marvel's version of Flash. He will be able to run all over defenses...actually I take that back. He will be able to run around defenses all day. No one can catch him or see him for that matter. Can the old man take a hit though?

Wide Receiver #1



  • 5ft 10 in
  • 170 lbs
  • Can shoot webs out of his hands and can stick to walls (Too bad it's not the AFL)

My first thought was putting Spiderman at halfback with his agility, but Quicksilver was than found out. Still wanting Spiderman on the offensive side of the ball, wide receiver was the only place to put him. He would end up being a #1 receiver though, thanks to his sticky hand and web slinging skills. Just imagine the Cap throwing the ball ten yards away from Spidey and before the ball hit the ground Spiderman shot a web and flung the ball into his own gut...BAM! First Down Spidey! I guarantee he wouldn't drop any passes with those sticky hands. Not only does he have the skills, but he also has the mouth. He is a witty and very smart alek kid, kinda like another great wide receiver...Terrell Owens.

Wide Receiver #2



  • 6' ft
  • 150 lbs
  • Has wings attached to back which enables him to fly up to 150 mph

Great choice for a number two receiver. All the attention would be on Spidey, since he is such a well known superhero and all. Archangel could hide his wings under his pads and act as a normal guy the whole first half, then when the Supes need a big play, he busts out his wings and flies above the defenders, Cap lobs one in and he flies into the endzone. Imagine the commentator calling the play...He up and off...Above the 30! 20! 10! AND HE LANDS IN THE ENDZONE TOUCHDOWN!

Slot Receiver


Invisible Woman

  • 5 ft 6 in
  • 120 lbs
  • Blue eyed Blond Bombshell! Did I mention she could turn invisible?

With having a fullback being totally pointless due to the fact that Quicksilver would out run him every time, Professor decided to go with a three wide set. Invisa-woman fits the slot position perfectly. Ball is hiked and she goes invisible. Her and Cap had planned out that in 4 seconds she be ten yards down the field, right before the four seconds she appears and Cap hits her with a spiral...she again goes invisible. Now the commentator would have hard time...She's at the...uh...I think she should be around the twenty at this time, well maybe the twenty-five, or hell even fifteen.

Tight End


Iron Man

  • 6 ft 1 in
  • 225 lbs
  • Rich white man with armored suit.

He can fly with his suit he can whoop ass in his suit. He can do it all with his little suit. I'm sure he can have ball catching gloves too! Him and Cap haven't always been the best of friends, but I'm sure they can get along, especially with Tony Stark (Iron Man) supplying the pay-roll for the team. Also the uniforms, equipment, and everything else! Iron Man's relentless attitude makes him an asset to this team though!

Left Tackle



  • 7 ft 5 in (armored)
  • 500 Pounds (armored)
  • Has ability to have change body tissue into steel-like material. Gives him greater speed and endurance.

I wouldn't pick another guy Colossus for the Left Tackle position. Why? Who wouldn't want a a piece of Metal over seven feet tall and five hundred pounds protecting Cap's blind side? Cap won't even need that shield of his with Colossus having his back. The ones that should be worried are the poor right defensive ends.

Left Guard



  • 6 ft
  • 500 lbs
  • Big Angry Rock Man (No not Dwyane Johnson)

The defensive tackles will be running into a brick wall...literally. thing will have someone to get his frustration out on about him being as ugly as Sam Cassell. Having Rock and Steel side by side makes for a formidable left side. Let's just hope the scrimages stay peaceful, having Human Torch on the other side of the ball and all, he could pull when not necessary going after the hot corner.

Center/Defensive Tackle



  • 7 ft
  • 1,040 lbs
  • Big Angry Green Man!

When you way over one thousand pounds, your destiny in life is the interior line, sorry big man. Hulk is the only player playing both ways because we don't want him to get mad at our own players on the sideline and put them on the inactive list indefinitely. With Hulk on the offensive line he shouldn't get any false start calls because Hulk might kill a ref. God forbid Cap muffs a snap though...

Right Guard



  • 6 ft 6 in
  • 640 lbs
  • Former God of Thunder

Thor is one Bad A.. Mother F'er. Not only that, but him and the Cap have a great history and there is no one else Cap would rather have protecting him than Thor, who has been protecting him for the many years they were together with the Avengers. Thor will also be able to calm down Hulk with his big god-like words, well at least confuse him with them. The Monstrous Green Immortal, give mercy on these poor human lives!

Right Tackle

Luke cage

Luke Cage

  • 6 ft 6 in
  • 425 lbs
  • Super Strength and one OG (The Mr T of the Supes...I Pity the foo!)

Cage is our smallest lineman in weight. Any guess what the averages are for our lineman? About six foot eight inches and six hundred twenty-one pounds! Good luck getting to Good ol' Cap. Luke Cage rounds off this line with some tenacity and intensity. He likes no one and just wants to go gangsta crazy on some fools. Hopefully he doesn't give us a Bengals rap.

Note: We are running a 3-4

Left End


Mr. Fantastic

  • 6 ft 1 in
  • 180 lbs
  • He can stretch to any length (Predicted SSR comment: That's what she said)
  • Also a super-genius

With the ability to stretch his arms out at any length, balls will be being batted down play after play forcing the other team to try and run the ball, which results in immediate medi-vac with Hulk up the middle. Mr Fantastic will also be able predict trajectories and all that weird jazz. Will be able to figure out a way of physics to make it impossible for o-line to block him, making him the best defensive end EVER. See ya LT!

Right End



  • 10 ft
  • 2,000 lbs
  • Super Strength and has Crazy Leaping Ability.

Yes Sasquatch is a real Marvel Superhero. He is apart of Alpha Flight (some Canadian Superhero team, ugh). Anyways he is by far the biggest line-man to ever play the game and will be able to easily run over opponents and if they aren't letting him by, then he can just jump over them. I would hate to be the guy on the offensive line that mimics him by saying, Messin with Sasquatch.

Left Outside Linebacker



  • 6 ft 2 in
  • 278 lbs
  • Super Strength and Endurance
  • Ruler of Atlantis

Two Words...Anger Management...He is one mean man, but that is what we like on the defensive side of the ball. He is going to mess fools up! He is an ego-maniac to the max and anyone who questions his skill will be pounded with his god-like strength. Too bad we don't play football under water because Namor can swim up to 80 MPH!

Middle Linebacker



  • 5 ft 3 in
  • 195 lbs
  • Can heal from any injury...Has really sharp thingies that come out of his hand...OUCH

The Defensive Captain is the definition of mean. A little guy that packs a punch and is afraid of no one. Give Hulk the ball and Wolverine will go head on...and lose, but then he will just slash Hulk's achilles tendon. Wolverine doesn't take sh*t from anyone and will be in the quarterback's face every time. He's crazy and will put his body on the line play after play...but it's not really that special, I would put my bod yon the line too, if I could heal from an injury.

Middle Linebacker



  • 6 ft 1 in
  • 200 lbs
  • Master of combative skills

No real super powers except for his training as a Nave Seal. He is used to having guns to take down people with, but I have a feeling he will do just fine. He is a psycho and screwed up in the head...who wouldn't be after seeing your wife and two kids get killed without being able to do a damn thing about it. Who did it? Mobsters. Who bets on football? Mobsters. Punisher will find joy in ruining the mobsters' lives by ruining their betting lives. On the other hand that could be bad...Since we would always be the favorites.

Right Outside Linebacker



  • 5 ft 11 in
  • 402 lbs
  • superhuman strength, agility, durability, and ability to grow blue hair...EVERYWHERE

Beast is exactly what you want in an outside linebacker. He is strong, fearless, and fast. No one will be able to get around him, his containment will be the best among outside linebackers. Plus his awareness will be superb, since he is a genius! He will be able to be a leader when Wolverine is too mad to talk. Beast will also be like a father figure to the team. Players might get angry with him at times though...due to the constant shedding in the lockerroom.

Cornerback #1


Human Torch

  • 5 ft 10 in
  • 170 lbs
  • Ability to light on fire and fly

The Torchy will be a great shutdown cornerback. He is an ego-maniac and is ready to stick it to a wide receiver any day. A guy that picks fights with a walking pile of rocks daily, has to be pretty damn fearless. Even on the rare cases he does get burnt, he will just shoot little flames and the receiver's shoes and melt him in place.

Cornerback #2


Ice Man

  • 5 ft 8 in
  • 145 lbs
  • Ability to shoot ice and give himself an ice armor suit

Really the only reason Iceman was chosen because he is the total opposite of Torch. He is Ice of course, but he is quiet and thinks before he acts. Not only that, but imagine lining up on Torch one play and then Iceman on the next. Totally different coverage. Either have your shoes melted our just be frozen in place. Either way the passing game is pretty much getting such down.

Free Safety

Flair Storm


  • 5 ft 11 in
  • 127 lbs
  • Ability to manipulate weather

So on the once in a million times that the receivers do get passed the corners, it's really useless anyways. By that time Storm will have already made the field completely covered in fog, making the quarterback completely blind. All of a sudden you here crack! Sasquatch got to the quarterback...That quarterback was also the same guy that unscrewed the salt shaker.

Strong Safety


Black Panther

  • 6 ft
  • 200 lbs
  • Olympic Athlete

The husband of Storm, basically here to knock any guy out that gets near here while she is going all crazy making storms. Panther is also very sneaky and agile and will be able to blitz the crap out of the offense causing frustration time and time again to the quarterback. He is also a quiet leader, the lead by example guy. He will go out and give it his all and it will rub off on the rest of the players. Also, as many of the other players, he is fearless.

So what did you think? Anyone I missed that you think should have made it?

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