Just when you thought that things in south Florida couldn't be any stranger, the Florida Marlins are holding auditons for dancers. No, not the ones that normally grace the top of the dugouts, like they have in Houston. The team is having auditions for male dancers. The team is looking not for the Chippendale types, though. They need not apply. The dance team, which feature men that make ESPN's Mike Golic look anorexic, will be called the Man-a-tees and have big men.

Sorry... this doesn't cut it. Personally, I would much rather have Hooters waitresses on the dugouts, feeding me hot wings until I can't eat anymore. What in the hell were they thinking? I don't think this is what Abner Doubleday envisioned.

For Golic's part, he said that he would go down there and be part of the festivities if he lost a bet with "Mike & Mike" co-host Mike Green.

Again, I beg the question. What in the hell were the Florida Marlins thinking? What next, Barry Bonds in a thong? EWWWWWW!



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