It is no secret that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is interested in purchasing the Chicago Cubs from current owner Sam Zell. However a source close to the higher ups in major league baseball has reported that the MLB and it's owners will block the sale of the Cubs to the Mark Cuban.

This is a horrible move by MLB and its owners if they keep Mark Cuban from purchasing the Cubs.

Mark Cuban is a lot of things. Some good, some bad, but mainly he is a great owner. The Dallas Mavericks were a team that was dead in the water before Cuban came along. Now they are a fixture in the NBA post season as well as in the headlines. Cuban took a football city and made them have a passion for basketball.

In owning the Chicago Cubs, Mark Cuban would do the same thing for baseball's lovable losers. The Cubs already have a national following, but with Cuban's backing the Cubs could gain the same amount of publicity and prominence as the Red Sox and Yankees.

Mark Cuban is a win first owner who cares about making money second. Cuban wants to to have winning teams and he will do whatever it takes to get his team over the hump.

It is unclear what the fear is over allowing Mark Cuban to own a MLB team. Baseball is a traditional game, and of course the old guard does not to be shaken up. However, the days of Mark Cuban's excessive on the court antics have passed. Outside of a hot press conference Cuban has been quiet as of late choosing to be a good owner. The only reason to keep Mark Cuban from owning a MLB team is the fear the Mark Cuban will help to expose the flaws in the current system.

Mark Cuban would be good for baseball. He would be the man to bring MLB into the 21st century.

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