The Westwood-Stony Point marathon sofball game is now in the books. Thank God! Stony Point took a 1-0 victory over Westwood on Saturday in a game that took 21 innings and 10 days to complete. It was a pitchers duel, as fast pitch softball goes. Junior hurler Ashley Kirk allowed only five hits in those 21 innings, finishing with 39 strikeouts to win her personal battle against Westwood ace Brittany Mack, who yielded seven hits and also struck out 39 batters.

The game began March 19 on Westwood's diamond, but when the teams remained in a 0-0 deadlock after 18 innings, the game was suspended because UIL rules prevent softball teams from beginning a new inning after midnight. It took only three innings Saturday to complete the job. Could these two teams meet again in the playoffs? Anything's possible.

Just don't listen to Ernie Banks next time, ladies.

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