Oh boy. Its a disaster 6 games in. Only if Brian Burke with his super thick cranium could have seen this when he decided to play king of the castle. He's obnoxious and trying to build a team that is meant for vintage-era hockey. What-the-#@!%# is primeau, colton orr, exelby, comatoast and rosehill. Not to mention players here before Burke arrived such as blake, mayers, finger, stempniak and van ryn. Thats 10 pieces of trash on a 23 man roster. Sorry. Total trash, rubbish, refuse and hockey excrement.

Leafland is a mess, Ron Wilson is a horrible coach. The word coach in reference to him is a compliment. He is lacking the skills to be a leader, a person who directs, guide and teaches the necessary habits for winning. Brian Burke is not a good GM. Together they are a disaster waiting to implode. Put those two into the smoldering cauldron of leaf mediocrity and you have a poor man's porridge fit for the sewer. This is not going to get any better anytime soon.

Vesa is a good goalie and he needs to get out of Toronto to save his career. Almost any player that comes to the Bluehole gets his energy sucked dry and turns into a real ugly-looking hockey player. Its a known fact careers generally tank in the center of the hockey universe. Its more pressure than Montreal because of an inglorious past that haunts each man that laces up those skates with that Leaf Logo encrusted across his sternum. The microscopic media attention puts on full display the flaws and the replicas. The media itself is in bed with Leaf organization, so they just puppet what the brass chirps. They'll harp on players that are usually the good ones and giving playing time to those who should be booted. When Tucker scored last night he was giving the boots to Leaf brass. However his days were over and needed to leave, so for him to be bitter which he showed he was, was a display of not knowing your time and space in pro sports. He's a journeyman from here on in. He should be thankful he got bought out. In our case of circa 2009, we just have a raggedy bunch of horrible players to start with so getting worse is even easier. Hahaha. The pressure cooker of LeafLand is seething. Almost all players eventually wilt and rot under the intense gravitational pull to hockey hell in this town. I just never saw a player in the modern NHL that played for the Leafs, rise to super heights. They have a few good years, some even a decade (that I've seen for the last 30 years), even at their best and then it unravels like a cheaply-knit sweater. The players who did well were actually very skilled and for there untimely and cursed space on this earth had the grave misfortune of playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. When they die, they will roll in their graves for having the best career (for being a pro athlete) in the world and then play for the worst team in the world. Meanwhile, the rest of the have-nots, has-beens and no-shows who are the majority of players that have rolled through the turnstiles for this organization just never even take off, duds from the get go. They couldn't handle the intense PSI of LeafLand. They just sagged under the enormous weight of futility. They were destined to lose here. It was their bad Karma to come to Toronto. The pressure so intense that it forces otherwise major league players to make unbelievably stupid decisions on the ice season after season, decade after decade. The faces change, even sweaters change, but the disappointment always looms heavy. Things seen on NHL ice that peewee kids no better not to do.

Sometimes I wonder, are the players who wore the Leaf jersey over the last 3 decades really that bad, even those who won a cup elsewhere or is their a negative, ghostly pall on those who come to this hockey-mad city to play for the beloved, damned & cursed "Blue n' White".

Regardless, the facts are no one has ever lived up to the hype here ever as far back as I can recall. Glimpses, flashes of hope only to be dashed every spring and now every Fall. Usually by December I know how good or bad the leafs are during the last 15 years. But this is Medusa-like. The wool is off for Leaf faithful and they are aware, awake, alive but paralyzed at what they are witnessing. This could easily be a disastrous slide of monumental proportions. The schedule looks ominous and the next win I foresee for them is...prior to the US Thanksgiving. That is a tragic comedy from the likes of Shakespeare. I don't think they win a game till late November and if they don't get that game then its a slippery slope to a demonic, evil, dark and cold winterish hell in Hogtown. Records will shatter, losses will mount, follies will add up and that is unthinkable in an 82 game schedule. With a straight face, I foresee 0-20-1 before win # 1. VEGAS is smart and I know they are and if they are then they better get this team off any moneyline, spread play. There is a ton of money to be had by betting the farm against this bunch. Thats my prognostication based on this disastrous and low-budget miracle from Lucifer.

Unfortunately, this is so bad, so early, you can't fire Burke because the plan is in its infancy. You almost have to watch him build a loser and believe me he will. This guy is out to lunch on what it takes in post-lockout NHL. It will take a few years removed to prove that he is god awful as well and you know the story, he gets canned, Wilson does too probably much sooner and the vicious cycle of "new" starts again i.e. Jeepers Creepers. The politics of ownership (MLSE and Teachers Pension Fund) mixed with the horrific on ice product, oh my lord, this by far is the worst sports team to watch, follow and loosely observe from a far. God forbid you were a die-hard. I feel bad for you however I think you are a complete idiot for remaining a die-hard of this team and organization. Its worse than the Tampa D-Rays in terms of product but not length of pain before they made their run in '08, but even with all those picks, Rays management figured it out. While Burke the numskull is now shopping out 2 first rounders per incoming player. He's lost his mind. Someone take him out of his GM misery. Its worst than the Cubs futility of a century because Chi-Town still had winners from so many other major sports teams. Its more painful than Red Sox nation because again you had the supporting cast of the Bruins winning, the Celtics just annihilating for a couple of decades and lately the Pats. Go Brady.

Toronto had nothing, literally until 2 world series fell in our laps but that seem so far away, so far back, its hazy and I can't remember how we got there in the first place. Oh right, Pat Gillick. Genius, at least here he was. I almost think the Blue Jays could fold in this town and not many would miss a beat.

Toronto The Loser Sports Town. Roger, don't bring the Bills up here they will die a horrible wretched death far worse than if they stay in western new york. I have season tix to the Bills and its a great product, even if the Bills are another disaster. Its still fun for me at least. To think I'm a Pats and Skins fan. No one cares outside of their Leaf-bubble to pay interest to the NFL product, even though its the most superior and entertaining value for your consumer dollar out there. We don't have college ball up here in Canada that even comes closing to ranking with the quality in the States. Toronto has 4 million collective losers, with 3 major sports teams and nothing really to show for. I never count soccer as a sport. Sorry its girly guys faking injuries every so often. I don't know where I'd rather be, but right now watching the Leafs is mind-numbing pain mused as embarrassment masked as indifference for the DieHards.

Live Free or DieHard. Its time to checkout son, your time is up. The sun has set, the vampire lurks, ready to sink into your pulsing jugular. You have no authority or dominion in this darkness. You are a sheep to the grinning wolves. Get out while you can or you may lose everything you got. Your dignity, your healthy state of mind, your god forsaken sports soul that was meant to relish epic heights of glory, championships, dramatic comebacks, WINS and Trophies. Moments to say, I was there and I saw the greatest games ever. Wake up, you deserve the best as a FAN. You deserve always a commitment to excellence. The Samurai is a professional to his dying breath. A valiant extinct warrior because he values his SOUL. Purity in faith and discipline. You're a sports whore, still rooting for the Leafs. They come and plunder you when they please and you curl in the fetal after each game in the corner of your room. LOL. Bailing is not a sign of weakness, its a show of wisdom. You're cutting your losses. You're better off going for a workout instead of watching the Leafs. So sad that you relinquished your prized possession, your steadfast devotion to winning, to a deathly and ghastly organization that feeds on its own with no remorse.

I thank the Lord everyday for the blessing of pigskin. I awoke from my slumber and landed upon my most prized possession. The ability to be a fan of Pro, college football, either, just bring it. There are some canadians like myself who can't get enough of the gridiron and we're obsessed. That is what happens when your #1s bleed you dry multiple decades straight. Its a bad relationship gotten worse. Your finished, your out, you got no more. No more words, no more thoughts, no more prayers, no more dreams, no more hopes. You're dead inside, a walking zombie of sportville. You've been cursed to walk the land of championship-less-i-stan forever. But if you having a fighting spirit, you will seek higher ground and get out of the madness. Restore peace and order, bring harmony to your sporting soul. God Save The Soul of the Sports Fan. He is, She is an honorable creed always seeking good times. I understand bad is the yang of good and one is sweeter when the other is darker. However torture only prevails in short stints otherwise the spirit becomes demoralized and we no longer CARE.

Oh my Lord, This Town was meant for sports losers. Get me the #@%!# outta here. One day I'll wake up and be proud of LoserVille aka York aka HogTown aka The Big Smoke aka T.O. aka....

Good Night and beware of giggling demons

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