Yeah, back in the day I was a pretty mean graph maker and powerpoint presenter at the big soul-less entity. Ever the prankster and in constant need to use my creativity to make people think I'm weird so they'll never find out that I really am...

I CONSTANTLY made powerpoint presentations with audio clips ("The End" by the Doors as the exit music after the last slide), pointless graphs (One graph was known as the "Assumed Results" where I literally made up statistics and presented them as real "assumed results") and with the use of pictures to purposefully distract and confuse people (I often put vacation photos in the background of the "This slide left intentionally blank" or the disclaimer that said "For Internal Use Only - Do Not Apply Topically").

So in memory of my more socially acceptable productivity and gainfully employed moments, here comes another random semi-occasional series called: Manny Stiles' One Slide Powerpoint Presentation: Now More Than Ever Contains 0% Powerpoint


"As demonstrated by this graph the numbers are meaningless so we threw these pictures on here to distract everyone from noticing how meaningless these numbers are. Proving once again that you can make numbers say whatever you want them to..."

And that's our one slide presentation today:

ANY WTF's???

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