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Article:MVN Shutting Its Doors, Destroying Its Archives. Is AGM Next?

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This place is a ghost town and has to be losing money for Wikia, who's probably counting down the days until it can dump the domain and recoup some cash for their trouble over the past few years.

A similar situation is happening at, a blog network much like this one (actually arguably better since they were more popular at their peak and had a lot more content). MVN is shutting down permanently in a month or two, and after that all of its content will be lost forever, aside from what was spidered by the bots at places like the Internet Archive.

If you have anything here that is important to you, something you've written or someone else has written, I would advise saving it as soon as you can. Something like MVN did can happen in a flash - everyone there is lucky Evan Brunell has given warning about the change because he didn't have to do that. ArmchairGM is probably headed for the same fate, so this is a heads up that you should save what you can before it happens. It would be a shame to see good stuff get lost forever when a domain gets wiped clean.

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