MLB Predictions St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets: The Sports betting odds list St. Louis Cardinals -110 favorites to New York Mets +105 underdogs.  I'm waiting for Tim Redding to give me a good performance. This might be the one. At this price i don't mind backing Redding. Actually my decision to play mets is because they will be facing Todd Wellemeyer who has stugggled in 6 lifetime appearances vs the mets. New-York got to him in the last game as he gave up 10 hits in 5 innings. I also think the cards will cool off after scoring 29 runs in 3 games against the royals.

I still think the Cards are MUCH better than they are given credit for. I agree on Welle, and Ankiel is all or nothing, but does has tremendous potential. Heart and luck are two things that don't have a statistic category. We do the best with what we have, and I think we will do just fine.  

Not many teams out there get more out of their players than the Cards. But hey won't be better tonight as The Mets should take this Game. MLP Predictions Bet New York Mets Monday night. "We're not as bad as people think we are," Cora said. "As long as your mind and your effort is consistent, we're going to be fine." 

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