MLB Power Rankings – Dodgers still kings of the castle Odds - The second half of the offshore sportsbook season for baseball betting players is about to get underway, and the MLB-leading Dodgers are still leading the pack, although they could be getting ready to shake things up.

1. (1) Los Angeles Dodgers (56-32): The Dodgers are apparently in the market for Toronto ace Roy Halladay, which would make them the far-and-away favorites in the National League….oh wait, they already are.

2. (2) Boston Red Sox (54-34): Thing is, the Red Sox haven’t even really turned it on yet, except against the Yankees, who they’ve beaten eight times this year. 3.

(4) Los Angeles Angels (49-37): [1] Their pitching staff needs to step up, and in a hurry with Torii Hunter and Vladdu Guererro on the disabled list.

4. (15) Philadelphia Phillies (49-38): [2] Same thing with the Phillies, but at least their offense is still healthy. Cole Hamels looks to be suffering from a heavy workload over the past couple of years. Still, they won five straight going into the break. 5. 

(3) New York Yankees (51-37): The Yankees are still worth something as one of your sports picks, but that 0-8 record against the Red Sox can’t be sitting well with the New York faithful.

6.  (19) Seattle Mariners (46-42): They’re perfectly content to let the Angels and Rangers beat up on each other, because with a pitching staff that ranks first in the AL in a number of categories, they’re worth a sleeper pick. They’re essentially the Washington Redskins if you’re doing some NFL betting.


(8) San Francisco Giants (49-39): The NL version of the Mariners with even less power. Still, with that rotation, they could turn some heads come September. 8. (6) Detroit Tigers (48-39): Justin Verlander and the pitchers better keep it up, because we’re betting that the Tigers’ lineup slumps badly in the second half, particularly Brandon Inge.

9. (7) Texas Rangers (48-39): [3] The Rangers must wonder what more they have to do to hold onto first place in the AL West. We’re also thinking that Ian Kinsler will turn this All-Star snub into a monster second half. Bet MLB Odds with

10. (5) Tampa Bay Rays (48-41): Betting services are offering great value on the Rays, and if they can string together some consistency, there’ll be even more fireworks in the AL East.

11. (12) St. Louis Cardinals (49-42): If Halladay ends up in St. Louis with Chris Carpenter, the Cardinals should send the Blue Jays a present for giving them the best 1-2 duo in baseball.

12. (10) Colorado Rockies (47-41): Midnight is coming, Cinderella. Get it while you can.

  13. (22) Houston Astros (44-44): The Astros have come out of nowhere to challenge in the NL Central, and if they can split a four-game series in Los Angeles this weekend, watch the confidence rise.

14. (17) Florida Marlins (46-44): Yes, they have the lowest payroll in the league for the fourth straight year, but they’ve also been in the top 10 in errors every season over the last four years. Come on guys, you’re throwing it all away, literally. Bet MLB Odds with

15. (18) Minnesota Twins (45-44): The AL version of the Cardinals. They’re NEVER completely out of it. Bet MLB Odds with  Out of the bottom half of the rankings, your best bet is probably the White Sox, because the Mets and Cubs are just too injured to turn it around at this point in the season. Meanwhile, Washington shouldn’t even be a baseball betting option anymore, EVER. Bet MLB Odds with

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