The Tampa Bay Rays lead the division by 2.5 games, and the Red Sox have blown every chance to get ahead of them. The Ray’s have a spot locked in and have a magic number of 5 to clinch the division. A division championship for this team would be huge.

Prediction: The Ray’s hang on to clinch.


The Chicago White Sox lead the over the Minnesota Twins is also 2.5 games and their magic number to clinch is also 5. They still have 3 games left against each other that could prove to be huge. After this series the White Sox play the Indians and the Twins have a much easier foe in the Kansas City Royals.

Prediction: The Twins at least get with in one game of the White Sox and then win the division after they sweep the Royals and Chicago losses one to the Indians.


This one is over, no prediction here. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have already wrapped this one up.


Boston needs just one more win to wrap this one up.

Prediction: The Red Sox get the win tonight against Cliff Lee and the Indians.


This one has Mets fans pulling their hair out yet again. The Philadelphia Phillies lead the division by 2.5 games and the magic number to clinch is down to 4.

Prediction: The Phillies will wrap things up in the division with a couple wins over the week Braves and weaker Nationals, while the Mets struggle with the Cubs and Marlins.


The Cubs have already wrapped this one up and now are getting set for the postseason. They have a few tough opponents in the Mets and Brewers and could help decide the wild card.


The Los Angeles Dodgers have a 2 game lead over the Diamondbacks and have a magic number of 5. The Dodgers should wrap things up with wins over the Padres and Giants. Arizona has the Cardinals and the Rockies, a tougher path than the Dodgers.

Prediction: The Dodgers win this one.


The Mets have a slim, and I mean slim lead over the Brewers, holding out a one game advantage. The magic number here is 6. The Mets have the Cubs and the Marlins while the Brewers take on the Pirates and the Cubs. The Brew Crew made a few moves to make this the first year since 82 to get in the playoffs.

Prediction: The Brewers will take care of business and make the playoffs for the first time since 1982, leaving the Mets out for the second year in a row. Sorry Mets fans.

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