MLB Picks Chicago White Sox at Cincinnati Reds: Reds better hope the Harangatuan don't get hit the way Cueto did. Even though Cueto got knocked around, it was just one bad pitch up and inside that really did Cueto in on the 3-run homer. The MLB Betting Odds list Cincinnati Reds -125 favorites to Chicago White Sox +120 underdogs. Reds are 4-0 in their last 4 when their opponent allows 5 runs or more in their previous game.

No Dye, no Thome, no Quintin.  Paulie an' Co. will be another 'no show' at the plate.  Freeing the home team to claim this rubber-match. But I'm acually going another way today and betting the under the total. Under is 6-0 in Reds last 6 after scoring 5 runs or more in their previous game. The angkle show's to bet the under. The MLB Odds list the total for this White Sox at Cincinnati Reds game is at 8 runs.  

"It's one of those nights," said Masset, whose hanging slider to Ramirez turned the game. "We all have them, plain and simple. We're going to keep doing well. We're not dreading it or soaking in it."

This game is a toss up though I would take Ozzy over Dusty anyday of the weak,Ozzy wants it more n' SoX are just better team playing on the road. But under the total is the best bet today for me.

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