As many of you know Mark Cuban is the current front runner for the next owner of the Chicago Cubs. His current bid of $1.3 billion was the highest offered and he seems poised to get the job. If he does this would be great for baseball and even better for the Cubs. He is a fun, passionate and opinionated owner who isn't afraid to spend money to win. He will bring a new added level of excitement to every Cubs game. Who wouldn't want to watch a Mark Cuban and Lou Pinella post game interview?

However, Cuban will face quite a bit of oppostion in his bid to be the next owner of the Cubs. He needs approval from 23 of the 30 MLB owners. They have the power to not let him in to their exclusive club even if he is offering the most money. These old school owners need to embrace the new and allow Cuban into baseball, it will be the best thing that could happen for the sport.

I started a campaign in support of Cuban's bid to become the owner. The campaign is raising money for the Jackie Robinson Foundation and if Cuban gets owner approval and becomes the Cubs owner then everything we raised will be sent to the charity. However, if Selig or the owners don't let him become the owner then that money is never sent. Hopefully, the fans can make a difference and this is our opportunity. Check out the campaign: Bring Cuban to the Cubs, join and tell your friends. Let's make this happen!

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