The 2008 MLB season approaches, I have been hungry for some baseball myself.  I ran out to the nearest Gamestop store and asked for a good baseball game for the Playstation 3.  I had two to choose from, MLB 2K8 or MLB 08, so I chose MLB 08 and what a choice it has turned out to be for myself.  I have only played a few games, but the last game I played, I decided to let it play out and what I mean by that is I did not push the continue button (X) right away.  Needless to say, this is where all of the extra animation and detail came in to play.

The crowd is hitting a beachball around and they go after foul balls and catch homeruns.  You can hear their chants, heckling, booing and they will leave if you are getting blown out.  The neatest thing the crowd does is hang 'k" signs on the wall for each strikeout.

The players animations are the most lifelike I have ever seen in a game.  The batters all have their own music walking up to the plate, their own swing styles, some have pinetar all over their helmets.  The batters will interact with their base coaches, throw their helmets and bats down, or in the dugout depending on their mood, they may lay them down for the batboy to get.  They often break their bats against power pitchers and some will even let go of their bat when they take a huge cut and miss the ball.  Players will spit, that's right spit, jump over the foul lines (pitchers superstitions), throw scuffed balls back to the umpire for a new ball, reach into the crowd to rob foul balls and homeruns.  There are so many more, I see something new each time I play.

The stadium graphics are outstanding.  I played at the Reds home field and you can see the river flowing in the background.  I had a ball disappear in the ivy at Wrigley Field.

This is only from exebition games.  There are many more styles of play that I have yet to discover, but I plan to very soon. 

The best thing about this game is that it is more lifelike and not an arcade game.  You are not going to hit a lot of homeruns and score a lot of runs.  The play by play is very good.  I would highly recommend this game to any baseball fan that loves video games.

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